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Monday, January 1, 2018

Paris Day 7 - Disneyland again (3rd and final visit)

Last full day of our holiday.  Where did all the time go???

Anyway, only item in the itinerary today - Disneyland. Yay! 

Standard routine of duck feeding in the morning :-)  
Oh, how I miss this! 

Backtrack a bit. This is another standard routine
Holiday or not...there is always laundry to do!  ;-)

Headed straight to Walt Disney Studios.

Our Annual Passes
From the official Disney website, tic prices are Euro 145 (Adults) and 130 (Kids) for 2 day 2 park tickets- Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. Our Annual Pass costs us Euro 139 each for unlimited entries to both parks. It's the cheapest annual pass so there are a lot of restrictions - no weekend entry, no peak season entry etc but it worked well for us. Not keen to entry Disneyland during peak time anyway! 

We went 3 times so happy to get our moneys worth. hehe.  Could have been 4 times but we were too jet lagged and slept the afternoon away on our first day. 

First ride of the day - 4D Ratatouille ride
One of our favourite rides 

Girls wanted another photo op with a Disney character.  We queued for Buzz Lightyear. Super long q.  While waiting, hubby when for one of those single rider rides.

Buzz Lightyear
Lazy... lazy.... instead of signing, Buzz stamped on their autograph book instead.  Maybe the costume made it hard to sign. (or mebbe "outer space" characters don't sign. haha)

To Infinity and Beyond! 

With a much bigger Buzz

Spotted some Scream Monitors

S-C-R-E-A-M !!!!! 

At one of the Monster Inc doors 

Went for a show - Mickey and the Magician 
This was good too! 

Spotted Christmas Goofy! 
Queue was surprisingly short. 

Big hug from Goofy 

Family photo with Goofy

After Goofy, we spent almost one full hour at the gift shop.  Aiyo! Told girls they could choose ONE toy each.  Elyssa was incredibly finicky!  She wanted the perfect toy and took forever...
Her final choice was a white Marie cat soft toy. Out of the zillions of stuff in the shop, both girls ended up with the same toy.

Went back to Disneyland Park 
Of the 2 parks, I prefer Walt Disney Studios.  Disneyland Park is nice but it's quite similar to HK Disneyland

Mickey's face  :-) 

And what was the first Character we saw upon entering Disneyland Park - Marie!!!  Girls squealed in excitement.  Hubby gave his "queue to take photo again??" look.  hahahah.  3 against 1.  No choice darling.

Big hug from Marie! 

Awww.... this Marie waw super charming!
She playfully kidnapped their Marie soft toys and wanted to hang them on the Christmas tree. 

Family photo with 3 Maries! 

Random photo with a cannon

BBQ Pork Ribs and Fries for lunch.  Yumz! 

We got a nice spot near the stage

Mickey Puppet Show performance during lunch 

Took a couple more rides in between. Then surprisingly stumbled upon 3 characters at a corner with hardly any queue. Yippee yay.  Got 3 character signatures in about 30 mins!!

Timon, Goofy and Baloo 

Before we knew it, it was almost park closing time. 3 full days in Paris Disneyland (Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios) but we did not even cover everything!  We did one final round of souvenier shopping before leaving.  

I got my Mickey!!
Yup, not for the girls but for me. There is a kid in all of us rite?? hehe

Good night day 7! 

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