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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Paris Day 5 - City Tour

Good Morning Day 5!  

Hello again from House # 1604
I decided not to wear any pink today :-) 

Another photo of the girls while waiting for bus #34
Love this morning scene! 

Playing in the bus 

First stop - Montmartre area.

Walking up steps to Sacré-Cœur Basilica 
There was a funicular train (included in our travel pass) but the queue was pretty long so we just walked up.  Much to Elyssa's dismay!

Sacré-Cœur Basilica 
Roman Catholic church and minor basilica, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus 

Taken at basilica steps 

In the Basilica

Cobbled walkway near the basilica 
There were plenty of artists walking around asking whether we want portraits to be drawn

Nice to just walk around

Artist Square 

Us at the Artist Square

Roadside Peddler
This picture looks like its taken from a postcard! 

Stopped by for lunch
16 Euros for fixed price lunch of appetizer, main and dessert. 
On Erin's right is a bottle of Evian water we accidentally ordered.  8 Euros!!!!!  Aaaaarghhhh! 

Dessert of Choc Cake and Creme Caramel 

Walked around after lunch-

One-two-three greedy stooges :-) 

Had my hot Starbucks latte
So American, but what the heck ;-) 

Hubby with the small princess 

Seafood Stall
The lady was cutting up a huge salmon

Pretty Flowers

More tarts! 

Paul bakery

"Le Moulin Blute-Fin"
One of the original windmills left standing out of the original dozen that was built in the early 17th century. Also painted by Van Gogh! 

Another shot with the old moulin

And this is the new moulin!
Can't help thinking of Nicole Kidman swinging at the top of the windmill

Hubby at Fontaine Saint-Michel 
He wanted a photo since St Michael was the patron saint of his secondary school

Latin Quarter Streets 

Next stop was meant to be Luxembourg Gardens

Entrance of Luxembourg Gardens
We were 5 minutes too late! Park closed at 4.30 but we arrived at 4.35pm.  Sigh. 

So walked over to Panthéon instead

Waiting for train back to Marnee La Vallee Chessy 

Interesting day out indeed!

-- End of Day 5--


Ai Sakura said...

So lovely to walk around and see the sights, relax, eat all the delicious food etc. :)

Adrine said...

It was awesome! missing the holiday so much.