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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Paris Day 2 - Disneyland

Good morning Day 2!  Woke up all refreshed and ready to start our day.  
Well, Erin actually woke up at 2+ am and asked for breakfast. Poor jet lagged baby! Luckily she went back to sleep after eating. 

No problems waking them up around seven when we whispered the magic word.... "Disneyland!

At resort grounds 
Super love the scenery

Waiting for the shuttle bus to Disneyland.
So glad they can keep themselves occupied.  

Yay... we arrived! 
We actually purchased the Annual Pass which works out cheaper for us. 139 Euros 

Photos from Disneyland-

Caught the Christmas Parade  

 Mickey and Donald Float

Not too crowded.  We easily got front row view

Toy Story 

Erin's favourite ride - "It's a small world" 

@ the Small World ride

 Sleeping Beauty Castle 

View from Sleeping Beauty Castle 

Carousel Ride 

Watched a Christmas Show 

Dumbo Ride 

Mat Hatter Garden - another one of their favourites 

Mickey Show while eating our lunch 

Darth Vader 

Didn't take a photo at all the rides we went for. We even went on the Space Mountain Roller Coaster. OMG..... I typically am NOT a fan of roller coasters. During the ride, I was absolutely terrified and I couldn't help thinking "Sh*t,  Will my girls be ok?, Will my girls be ok? What if they pass out or something."  Phew, luckily they were fine. Shaken but they said it was exciting.  And I was the only one who felt nauseous after that.  Hah.

Headed home around 6pm even before the fireworks show. Still jet lagged (past midnight Malaysian time)

- End of Day 2 -

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