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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Paris Day 4 - City Tour

Good Morning Day 4! 

Fueling up before heading out  
Hubby work up earlier and prepared most of breakfast. Bliss!!! 

Daily photo outside our yellow home  

Part of hotel grounds  

Playing while waiting for Bus #34 

Bus is here! 

First stop - Notre Dame Cathedral 

Church Service @ Notre Dame Cathedral
Queue was fast and entrance was free :-) 

Streets around Notre Dame
Erin loves her Eiffel Tower pose - "Mummy, you put your legs apart and put your hands together like that!" 

OMG- spotted this lovely bakery! 


Euro 1.50 each

Cakes and Tarts
Everything looked soooo good!  Unfortunately there were no tables to sit down or we would have happily taken our lunch there. Bought 3 items to take away. 

@ River Seine  

Bird Feeding.  Love this shot! 
Ate our takeover pastries.  So yummy. 

So lovely here

Needed a warm place to sit down for lunch. 
Had another fixed price lunch. 15 Euros for appetizer and main meal. Ordered 2 sets again. Hot pumpkin soup with baguette tasted good! 

Our lunch place 

Hotel De Ville 

Streets of Paris  :-) 

Can spot us? 

Girls in Pink ! 

Next stop - iconic The Louvre

We're IN the glass pyramid! 
Many museums in Paris including Louvre are free on the first Sundays of each month. Because of that, we expected queues to be absolutely horrendous.  Plan B was to return the next day. Surprise.... surprise.... stumbled upon a short indoor queue (yay, didn't have to queue in the cold) and we were IN within 10 minutes. Thought maybe it was only the security queue so was practically jumping in glee that we were really in. hehe.

Headed straight to the most famous exhibit
As expected, it was crowded!  Someone got a special boost from daddy to get a clearer view ;-) 

And there she is! Portrait of Mona Lisa 

After 20 minutes I managed to get my selfie with the Lady  :-)

 Erin managed to get a good view too!  

Winged Victory of Samothrace 

Checking out other exhibits
So much to see! Now I know why some people can spend days just at the Louvre itself.  But with two kids...nah! 

They look so cute! 

Just us 

Family Selfie 

Family Photo

Wanted night shots with another iconic sight.  So took the train back to Trocadero for a night shot of Eiffel Tower.

So pretty at night 

Erin got to do her "Eiffel Tower Pose" with Eiffel tower at the background 

One-two-three stooges with the Eiffel Tower Pose! 

Headed back after that.  Dinner, laundry then Zzzzzz......

-End of Day 4-

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