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Monday, October 26, 2015

Western Australia Holiday - Day 6

Good morning Day 6!

Every morning, the girls get the privilege of getting their hair nicely tied up by their grandma. (this mummy doesn't know how to tie hair nicely. hehe)

Erin requested a front and back photo  :-)  

And off we went to explore!

First stop of the day :  The Growers Winery.  (hope I got the name right)

Another place with beautiful scenery
I can never, never ever get bored of this. Knowing the hazy situation back home made me appreciate blue skies even more. 

MIL at the garden area
It's her birthday today. Happy Birthday Mah Mah! 

Phil, the friendly owner , gave the girls a set of colouring activity book (designed by his own daughter) and pen each.

Girls busy with their new Colouring Activity Book 

Next stop : Yallingup Sheep Sheering Farm

Hello Sheep!
Unfortunately, we missed the sheep sheering show by 15 minutes.  *sigh*. But what to do..

Next stop (and main attraction of the day) : Ngilgi Cave 

Cave Entrance
Really surprising that there is a huge cave underneath this flat surface 

At one of the staircase in the cave 
And that's my 74 year old MIL, who went on all the steps without any trouble at all. Really salute her strength! Even other visitors (who sat on a bench to catch their breath) commented she's such a strong lady for her age!  

Some photos I snapped of the cave interior 

Big smile from Erin  :-) 

Walk to the car park 

After Ngligli Cave, we went to Cheeky Monkey Brewery for lunch.

Happy 74th birthday, Mah Mah! 

Enjoying Lunch 
Still remembered I hardly ate much. hehe. 
It was during lunch at Cheeky Monkey that I received a call from my headhunter and I got to know about the confirmed salary package of my new job. (tho I knew about the job offer and the tentative salary package few days earlier. Pretty fast since the final round of interviews in SG was just one day before we flew to Aussie!) 

                                                   Surroundings @ Cheeky Monkey 
                                                  Another absolutely gorgeous place. Loved it!

After a leisurely lunch, we dropped by Vasse Virgin again.

Vasse Virgin 
Bought some additional body lotion and face moisturisers

Then time to head back to the apartment!  Last minute, we decided to de-tour to get some groceries. Girls didn't want to go so we dropped them at the apartment with grandma, and we went to Coles in Dunsborough.  Nice also, to have some quiet time with just the two of us.  :-)

Erin's "I am bored" look !  ;-)
 (photo taken earlier) 

Sunset as we were leaving Coles 

Had dinner at the apartment (can't remember what we ate since I didn't snap any photos) and then Zzzzzz.....

-- End of Day 6 --


Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow breathtaking views! Your pix make me want to visit Australia soon! :)

Ai Sakura said...

So beautiful... feeling relaxed just by looking at your photos :)

Small Kucing said...

the view so lovely. The girls looks great

Stacy said...

Aiyo 74yo is more fit than me. :(

Nice clear pics.

Unknown said...

Your MIL will put me to shame too with her stamina. I walk one flight of stairs in my house and I'm already panting! So you didn't eat much after hearing about the salary package because it's too good you can't swallow or too bad it's depressing?

mun said...

Your MIL is really fit than other people her age. Good for her. You must be very happy to get the confirmed news about your new job.

Adrine said...

Shireen - you should! :-)

Ai/ Kathy - so lovely eh?

Chi2 - ya lor, i was really impressed too!

Irene - One flight already panting? Time to exercise!
Oh, I accepted the job d, so what do u think? :-)

Mun - thanks!!