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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Western Australia Holiday - Day 3

Day 3

Good morning Day 3! Packed our lunch, ate our breakfast and off we went to explore.....
Lovely Blue Sky for our Road Trip

First Destination of the Day was the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. The lighthouse turned out to be a lot smaller than expected (and not directly beside the coast) so we decided to take a walk on the Whale Lookout Track first. It turned out to be a lovely walk! We took our time so it took us about 1.5 hours.

Erin walking @ Whale Lookout Track.  
The lighthouse is in the background

Girls with their grandma. They were so excited when they spotted the sea! 

On the wooden platform closer to coastline 

Just so beautiful! 

Me :-) 

Rare photo of the 5 of us for this trip
We spent quite some time on the wooden platform, just looking out into the sea.
An Australian couple taught us how to spot whales from afar.  We spotted about 6 whales!  (but really far away) 

Walking Back 

Taking a breather on a bench 

More Walking
Luckily, Erin enjoyed pretending being a train (complete with a "Chug a Chug a Choo Choo" sound effect and action!) and was willing to walk a lot that day. Phew! 

The small lighthouse 
The girls were tired after the walk, so we decided not to go into lighthouse afterall. (which had quite a lot of steps to climb) 

Picnic table where we had our lunch
Took photo only after we were done. Hehe. 

Then we took a short drive to Sugarloaf Rock, Cape Naturaliste


Elyssa, Erin and I, with Sugarloaf Rock on the background.
It was c-o-l-d !! 

Sugarloaf Rock 

Then went back into the car and drove on.

Took this photo at one of the lookout points.It was an elderly couple all ready with their folding chairs, sipping hot drinks from their flasks, just enjoying each other's company and the scenery.  How nice  :-)

Next stop was Canal Rocks.
It was another lovely spot!!   (girls were fast asleep at this point and stayed in the car with MIL)

Photos -

Our next stop was Simmo's Ice-Creamery.

Entrance of Simmo's Ice-Creamery
We thought we would be able to see ice-cream making (told the girls we were going to an ice-cream factory) so was a tad disappointed that it was only an outlet selling ice-cream.  

Decided to skip the ice-cream and just moved on to grocery shopping!

Happy at Coles !  :-) 

Homecooked Dinner for the Night
Pan-fried cod fish, stir-fried broccoli and canned Minestrone soup. 

Enjoying Dinner
We popped a bottle of wine almost every day! 

Chilled after dinner and then ZZZzzzzzzzz....

 -End of Day 3-


Unknown said...

Hi hi, I'm only reading up on your holiday post now, because I have neglected blogging for sometime and catching up on my posts too! You visited most of the places I didn't, so I will take note, especially love the sight at Canal Rocks. Did you cook everyday or MIL did? Two of you can finish a bottle of wine every night? Wah... syioknye! Unless MIL helped? Hehe.

Adrine said...

Hello again!!! Thx for dropping by! We cooked everyday - sometimes breakfast, lunch (to pack) AND dinner, which is more than what I typically do at home. haha. Mostly me actually. Hard to have 2 cooks in the kitchen. ;-)
And yup, MIL usuallly helped with 1 -2 glasses of wine. Dun play-play with this 74 year old lady!