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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Western Australia Holiday - Day 5 (Part 2)

 -continuation -

Our next stop was Vasse Virgin, Margaret River - producer of olive oil skin care including soaps, lotions, massage oils and olive oil gourmet food products.

Shop Interior of Vasse Virgin 
Girls were fast asleep in the car so hubby and MIL went in to have a look. I tot of skipping it but hubs came out and said I would be interested. He was right! Ended up buying nice olive oil lotions  :-) 
(went back that nite, regretted not buying more so returned the next day to get a few more. hehe) 

Blocks and blocks of gorgeous soaps! 
(photo source : Food Pornographer) 

Next stop - Laurence Wines, Margaret River for our late lunch.

Hubby choosing his Wine at the Bar 

Another place with absolutely lovely surroundings! 

Hubby and his Mum

Our lunch 
(first non-packed lunch for this trip!) 


After lunch, the girls enjoyed playing at the playground area 

While they played, we just relaxed and soaked in the wonderful atmosphere :-) 

We stayed till it was almost closing time. Went back to the apartment after that.

Girls watching tv after dinner 
Love they way they cuddle up together  :-) 

--- End of Day 5 ---


Ai Sakura said...

wow look at that amazing weather and vast space!!! Certainly makes you want to stay longer there and not come back to fight with the haze :P

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

mun said...

Olive Oil makes me think of edible olive oil only. Didn't know that they are popular in lotion products too.

Your two girls are so loving to each other, cuddling up to enjoy watching TV together.

Stacy said...

Sky is blue in Oz, makes for good pics. In contrast, sky is grey in UK.

Adrine said...

Ai - I so, so, so miss the clear blue skies!!! When, oh when will our haze problem go away :-(

Mun - I heard about olive oil lotions products b4 but was never keen cos I tot it would be oily.(olive OIL mah...hehe). But they had samples and after using it, i liked it so much!

Chi2 - yalor. and it makes photos so much nicer too!