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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Western Australia Holiday - Day 2

Day 2
Had a reaaaaally good night's sleep and woke up refreshed on Day 2 morning!

When I was still sleeping, hubby walked to the nearby IGA supermarket and bought some basic supplies of ham, butter, eggs, bread, cereal and milk :-))

We packed our lunch sandwiches, had breakfast then headed for our destination of the day :- Busselton Underwater Observatory.

Busselton Jetty
After the haze in KL, I just couldn't get enough of the blue skies! Yay! 

Waiting for the train to the Underwater Observatory

Choo Choo!  The train is coming!

Enjoying the Train Ride 

Underwator Observatory : "Descending 8 meters below sea level, visitors can view the corals and fish life through eleven viewing windows"  (source: Wikipedia)

The top window

Erin watching a fish swim by 

School of Fish 
Feels amazing to be able to get an "underwater" view of things! (without us getting wet) 


Can spot us? 
I didn't realise hubby was taking a photo, but Elyssa did and posed for daddy. haha! 

Living Corals 

Took some photos after the tour 

Train is here again!

Daddy with his princesses

After Busselton Jetty, it was time for one of our favourite activities in Aussie - grocery shopping! We also shopped around in Target departmental store to look for gloves for the girls.  It was a lot colder than expected. Brrrr!   I actually packed some sleeveless tops and shorts for them cos I didn't expect it to be this cold. Adoi.

We were back at our apartment around 5pm.  Free and easy holiday mah!

Our little pantry was pretty well stocked by the end of the day  :-) 
Fridge was pretty full too

Dinner - Pasta and wine.     

After dinner, we just chilled. Chat, chat and finished up the bottle of wine.

End of Day 2.


Stacy said...

I assume the tickets cost a fair bit. Only see coral on that one batang of pillar?? The train is nice lah.

Adrine said...

Chi 2- tickets were expensive after conversion! But got quite a few batang of coral pillars la. haha.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Your 2 little girls are so lucky, traveling the world! :)

Adrine said...

Shireen - ya lor, they are very lucky indeed. Many of their "firsts" (first time in Aussie, first time in HK), are also my firsts!