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Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Pyjamas

I dressed Elyssa up in a one-pc suit for the first time last nite. No choice cos all her normal long sleeve t-shirts were in the laundry basket. (yeah, got to buy more clothes for her since I can't do any more mid-week washing) I never used to like the one-pc stuff cos it'll be troublesome if she needs a diaper change.
But after I put it on, she looked so comfortable and happy! She kept on smiling and kicking about. I took out the camera to get some shots. When hubby saw me with the camera, he went on his "photographer mood" - prop her up on pillow, put soft toys next to her, put on spot light !! ha hah... unfortunately, managed to only take a few shots before my camera ran out memory. When I was busy deleting photos, the battery ran out. Aiya.... must remember to keep camera ready for shots next time. Missed out on a number of potentially nice shots last night.

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