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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dinner at Alexis

My main course - Chicken Escalope

Took one piece of this yummy pizza

Went for a departmental farewell dinner for 2 of my colleagues last night. Location - Alexis @ The Gardens, MidValley.
I had Pumpkin soup, Chicken Escalope and Carrot/apple juice. Verdict ? Soup and juice ok, but I was really dissappointed with my chicken. Quite dry and tasteless. I asked the waiter whether I could have some sauce and he suggested black pepper sauce. That saved the day a bit, but when I checked the bill that night, realised that they charged RM5 for the sauce!! Quite a rip-off.... Anyway nice ambiance, and it was a fun dinner with the team. Guess I'll just stick to my usual pizza and pasta when I dine there next time.
Throughout dinner, I kept checking my phone to see if there were calls from hubby who was home alone with Elyssa. Was quite relieved that there was none, but when I was about to go home around 10.30pm, I got a call from a very flustered hubby and could hear Elyssa wailing away in the background! Rushed home to find a smiling baby though, as she just finished a bottle of milk. Turned out that hubby fed her at 6.30pm (at my parent's place), 8.30pm (when she won't stop crying) and at 10.15pm (again, when she won't stop crying). That's 5oz of milk every 2 hours! Looks like little one just won't say no to food...
Really missed her yesterday cos I have not been apart from her for so long before. She gave me the sweetest smile when I was home and I went to sleep really grateful of my little miracle :)

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