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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chubby Cheeks

Just look at Elyssa's chubby cheeks!

She's been drinking formula milk during daytime since I went back to work last week. And my, my, within one and a half weeks, there's so much difference. She's developed a double (and sometimes triple) chin, and her arms and legs are now so chubby. At the rate she's going, she's gonna be a real fatty fatty bom bom!

I bought Wyeth's S26 for her, and according to the instructions, she should be drinking 3 scoops of milk 5 times a day. So I thought that each bottle would be able to last her about 4 hours. But my parents (her "Ah Kong" and "Ah Mah") says that if she doesn't sleep, she'll cry for milk at a 3 hour interval, and when given the bottle, she'll drink really noisily as if's she's very hungry! She'll finish the entire bottle very fast, but then will spit out quite a lot after that, especially right after being burped. So, now their new plan is to give her 2.5 scoops but with the same amount of water for now. Hopefully, that will solve both the weight and spit-out problem, without her crying for milk before 3 hours.

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