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Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Winter Solstice!

It's Winter Solstice today.  Our ROM date too  :-)

Decided to try making "tong yuen" this year.

I didn't realise it's so easy to make!
Basic tong yuen without filling is just glutinous rice and water. To make it colourful, I used beetroot for red colour and pandan for green colour (but cheated a bit. My green turned out really pale so I used a wee bit of colouring)

Elyssa rolling Tong Yuen
She's pretty good at it! Better than her daddy. heh.  She complained daddy's tong yuen were not round enough so she practically re-worked all of them.

Erin uhm....wasn't so good at rolling
Just look at the masterpieces on her plate  ;-)


Before Cooking

Simple syrup to go with it - Gula Melaka, Ginger, Sugar and water boiled with Pandan leaves

Enjoy with wine!

Girls enjoyed making the tong yuen.  But as for eating it - Erin refused to swallow the ball.  Elyssa came down with a slight fever and went to bed right after dinner.  *sigh*.   Maybe next year!


1 comment:

Stacy said...

Looks good! Thot it was Whale Rock tong yuen at first.

'Ee' is not really nice to eat la. Unless got filling but that would be pretty hard to make.