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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First Day of School

Happy New Year 2015!

Mentally, I somehow couldn't "start" my year 2015 until my girls start school. Afterall, school was supposed to start on Jan 5th.  Then Elyssa's primary school term got pushed back one week due to floods in east coast. Ok, fine. (had to change my leave plans tho)
Erin's kindy was still scheduled to start on 5th. But on the afternoon of the 4th, I received a call from the school principal that school term will be pushed back to the 12th. Grr! Had to change my leave plans again.

Anyway it was finally Jan 12 yesterday. Whooo Hooo!

Elyssa in her primary school uniform 
(my Elyssa is in Std 1 already?????  *sobs*)
I woke her up at 6am, thinking she may need about 5-10 minutes to actually get up. But surprisingly, she practically jumped out of bed when I called her. I'm pretty sure it's first day of school excitement, but I do hope that it sets the right tone for all her upcoming school days. 

Assembly at the school hall 
All speeches were in Mandarin. I don't think she understood most of it. *gulp*
She's not the only kid with banana parents (but thankfully, she has non-banana grandparents) so gotta have faith that she'll survive! 

Before assembly ended, I had to rush home for Round 2 that morning. Hubby stayed on at Elyssa's school with her.

Erin in her kindy uniform 
(my baby Erin is in kindy already??  double *sobs*) 

Erin's classroom
I stayed with Erin throughout her class. No tears and no drama. I got a little worried when some of her classmates started crying for their parents.  But Erin was steady all the way.  So proud of her! 

After Erin's class ended (early dismissal for day 1), I drove back to Elyssa's school. Peeked into her classroom and saw her seated right at the back. Sigh, but the class teacher will change seating position anyway.

We hung around until her class ended.  Took this photo after class:

Elyssa pulling her bag with 1 hand and holding on tight to Erin with another hand. Awwwww......... super, super sweet! 

So we all survived Day 1 without tears !  (yes, all THREE of us. I got teary, but managed to not cry my eyes out. )  Yay! 


Small Kucing said...

Uiks! your E and my J same school wor....i think la...saw the badge like similar

Yee Ling said...

Yea..first day of school seems to be great as the kids were excited..but chaotic on the road due to the bad traffic.

Finally I get to know your blog..ahhaha..Nice meeting you the other day.

Leona said...

Thumbs up to you, Mummy!
So fast hor...your E already in Primary One!!

Adrine said...

Kathy - really ar??? small world!

Ling - thx for dropping by! ya lor... road so chaotic first few days. but now seems better already.

Leona - time flies super super fast hor?

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, Elyssa's class teacher is so good, even created WA group! Is she in Chinese sch?

mun said...

Here's wishing you and your family a very happy new year! May your girls enjoy their school!