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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cameron Highlands Holiday - October 2014

From Penang, we stopped by in Ipoh to pick up MIL and then drove to Cameron Highlands. This part of the holiday had been planned months ahead. 4 families altogether - Neighbours holiday!  We live within the same housing area and we each have 2 kids around the same age.  How great is that??  Kids super, super love playing with each other!

Random photos-

Family photo at the tea plantation

My lil poser

At the strawberry farm

Afternoon picnic
We booked a lovely bungalow with 6 rooms called Valley View.

Hubby pitched a tent at the garden
Telematch time!

Some quiet tv time before bed time

Next day - did strawberry picking

Girls with their grandma
Cactus valley


Time Tunnel
Love these photos!

Playing while waiting for food

Best part is we didn't have to entertain the kids cos they were busy entertaining themselves. 
Already planning our next holiday together!  :-)



Ai Sakura said...

wow that house looks great! must have been a hassle to plan for so many people but looks real fun too :)

we just came back from Genting.. wondering how different is it from Cameron?

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Small Kucing said...

sure fun to go Cameron highland. quite some time i have not been there

Adrine said...

Ai - Genting and Cameron are very diff actually. I've always preferred Camerons cos it's more "natural" - love the tea plantation, strawberry farm, flowers, night market etc. But a little dissapointed this round cos I feel Camerons is now over-developed. :-(

Kathy - Used to be better! Not as cold as b4 too.