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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Penang Holiday - Oct 2014

Some photos of our (not-so) recent Penang trip in October during Deepavali :

Jumping on the sand girls are finally ok to touch sand!

The 3 darlings in my life  :-)
I just love this photo!

Early morning walk before breakfast (Elyssa was still fast asleep)
Good way to learn numbers!
Erin happily stood in front of each door and read out the numbers as she walked down the corridor : "Theee faive nine, Theee faive seven, Thee faive faive and her favourite room : Theee Theee Theee!"
Needless to say, each walk up or down the corridor took up quite some time  ;-)

Playing ball in the kids playroom

Our hotel - Golden Sands Resort

Elyssa going down the water slide..... Wheeeee!
Building Sandcastles

Relaxing tea time...


It was really a relaxing holiday where we spent most of the time just lazing around.  Bliss!!  

1 comment:

Ai Sakura said...

Weather looked really good there! I've one photo of Lil Pumpkin holding her daddy's hand and looking out to the sea too. One of my fave!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka