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Monday, December 15, 2014

Penang Holiday - Oct 2014 (Part 2)

More photos from the Penang holiday-

After building sandcastles by the beach, we moved on to the swimming pool.

I loved the kids pool!
Why ?  1) Giant tarpaulin to shade them from the morning sun  2) Gradual descent into the pool (no steps) so it was easy for them to go in and out.   3) shallow (i think the water in the baricaded area came up to Elyssa's waist only)

The girls spent HOURS in the pool!  Hubby and I got tired after a while, so we just lounged around on the deckchairs. Yup, that's my giant feet in the pic  :-)

For lunch we decided to just order and eat by the pool.  Holiday meal - pizza, burger and fruit juice to share.  :-)

After lunch, we happily sent  allowed Elyssa to go to the kids room for their FREE kids programme. Whoo hoooo! She actually went 2 days in  row. A bit unsure on the first day (since Erin couldn't go and she didn't know anyone else) but was an eager beaver for the second time. On both days, she went for the 2pm -6pm slot. Can even extend up to 9pm for dinner (also free!) and a movie, but we decided not to.

Chilling and playing with daddy's phone while jie jie was in the kids room 

I love the resort-ty feel of the uhm..... resort  :-) 

From Day 2 of the kids program 
(for Day 2, we had to pay RM25 cos of the t-shirt painting. Day 1 was completely free)

Personalised T-shirt

Decorated Paper Bag
They made mini chocolate balls that day 

We walked along the beach after picking up Elyssa from the kids room. Lovely sunset! 

Went back to the hotel after dinner and managed to catch the last bit of a cultural performance. 

Next morning - buffet breakfast

My 2 princesses 

The Penang holiday (4d, 3n) just flew by so fast. Right after that, we continued our "up north" holiday to Cameron Highlands with 3 other families.

- to be continued-

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