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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Perth Holiday - PrePlanning & Day 1

I am suffering from post-holiday blues!  Hopefully, as I write about the holiday, I get to re-live the holiday experience again.

Just like our previous holidays, this was a "free and easy" holiday. Quite a contradictory term since "free and easy" meant a lot of research and planning beforehand! I needed to book the accommodation and car rental, so I needed to know where to go, what are the attractions at a place, estimated time spent at a particular place, logistics etc etc.

Amidst the packed schedule (dealing with house renovation & move, a work trip to Singapore, super busy time at work), I managed to book 5 separate hotels, booked a car rental (looked at 6 companies before deciding!), finalised holiday plans, applied for Visa and then yayyyyyyy.........excitedly looked forward to the holiday!!!

Day 1
Touched down at Perth International Airport around 12.30pm. By the time we arrived at the hotel, it was already close to 3pm.  We were famished so we just walked in to a McDonalds near the hotel. Yikes, even McD was expensive after the RM 3.33 = AUD 1 conversion!!

Elyssa's first photo in Australia
Errr......mummy was so excited to be finally in Australia until cannot even take a proper photo.  Ha ha

After our late lunch, we walked to Kings Park.  I loved not sweating despite walking so much.

At Kings Park

 Hubby on the grass
Love the scenery!

 Elyssa and I with the Perth skyline behind us

I was thrilled when I saw this!  But not quite spring yet so can't really see the flowers. 

Posing with flowers & mummy's shawl

On our way back, we saw this huge stretched limo

The wedding party

There was a Hummer Limo too!
Almost 10 limos in total.  What a grand reception
By the time we got back to the city centre, it was already dark and most of the shops were closed already.  Aiyak....  what to eat?  Pasta in the hotel - AUD 25+ for one person.  Ouch!  Chinese shop - AUD 13+ for one plate of fried rice.  Ouch!  In the end, we found an IGA supermarket and happily bought Korean instant noodles, milk, yoghurt and strawberries for dinner. (which turned out much cheaper)  That was the start of our love affair of grocery shopping in Australia! 
Had our dinner in the small hotel room.  We stayed at Criterion Hotel for 3 nights. (AUD 115 per night, booked via Agoda).
Went to bed early that night as we were up since 5+am for our morning flight.
-- End of Day 1 ---


ChloeRuoyi said...

The night view of Perth city from Kings Park was breathtaking, right? Oh, you also enjoyed grocery shopping there, eh? Hope you were not as crazy as us... lugging groceries all the way home haha. I think we walked into almost every Coles and Woolworths that we saw!

Unknown said...

What a nice trip to Perth...Elyssa must be very excited over the koalas and kangaroos.

Unknown said...

Hi, waiting anxiously the past few weeks to read up on your Perth holiday! Haha, funny how you wrote it's ironic how they term Free n Easy when we have to do so much work, right? Your grocery shopping for food reminds me fondly of our honeymoon in New Zealand where we had bought tuna cans and roasted chickens, bread etc to make our own meals.

I lovvveee holidays... reading and going... haha! Looking forward to more pics and holiday posts.

Adrine said...

HweiLi - Ha ha....I tot I was the crazy one. I LO-VED grocery shopping! I went back to read your Perth entry and you def win with your 30kg of groceries. he he.

Angeline - yes, it was a nice trip :) Stay tuned for more.

Irene - will share more holiday stories when we meet! Ooo....NZ is on my list of places to go. Oh, u know what, at the begining, hubby was so not used to packing food cos he's the type that only thinks about what to eat when he's hungry!

Unknown said...

attractive, beautiful .. The pictures are great, and I love cars limousine .. why you are not photographed together at Kings Park? Kings Park is very good in my opinion.