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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Australia Holiday - Day 3

Day 3 - Freemantle, Kings Park (again!) and Bulls Creek Area

Day 3 was a Saturday and the plan was to spend the day at Freemantle. We took the train there (about 30mins only).

Some photos -
Post Office
Just look at the clear blue sky! The weather was lovely - although bright and sunny, it was pretty cold when the wind blew.

Gourmet Food and Spices Shop - Kakulas Sister
Located at the Cappuccino Strip. Plenty to see inside - loose spices, coffee, nuts, organic produce, biscuits etc etc

Baking Shop
I love looking at baking stuff!  But too expensive too buy after $$ conversion

We headed to the Freemantle Market after that -

Some of the Stalls in the Market

Well, after reading all the good reviews about Freemantle market, I was really looking forward to it. I imagined myself spending hours exploring interesting stuff and knick knacks from the different stalls. But somehow, nothing really caught my fancy.  We were done in about an hour!
And I purposely planned my trip in such a way that we were in Freemantle on a Saturday since it was supposed to be the best day for the Freemantle market.  *sigh*

After leaving the market, we spotted a big playground so we let Elyssa burned off some excess energy... 

@ the huge Playground
Elyssa really ENJOYED the playground!!  Weather was perfect too. 
We originally wanted to eat fish & chips for lunch, but it was a nice day so we ended up eating our "back-up" packed lunch there.

Freemantle Beach
Started to get a little hot

I like this photo!  Looks like she's pondering the meaning of life while watching the sea  :-)

Boats next to Kailis Fish Market Cafe
Kailis supposedly sells one of the best fish and chips. But we were still full from our packed lunch so we skipped it.

Had allocated a FULL day just for Freemantle, but we decided to head back early to Kings Park in Perth. We just didn't get enough of the park on the first day!

Photos @ Kings Park - 

Elyssa and I

Old Boab Tree

Erhm...... just fooling around  :-)

Run Girl, Run!

Elyssa relaxing with daddy
I just love this photo

Another photo of the park
I can just sit down and enjoy the scenery for hours. Heck, give me a good book, a picnic basket and a mat, and I can sit in the park the whole day!

Around 5+pm, we left the park to meet up with hubby's ex-colleague (who recently migrated to Perth together with the whole family) for dinner.

Passed by the Swan Bell Tower

We took a ferry from Barrack Street Jetty to South Perth
Could have taken the train, but we figured Elyssa would enjoy the ferry ride.

His ex-colleague cooked up a simple but yummy meal of bak kut teh, grilled chicken and stir fried leeks for us. Aaaah......felt so good! 
Dinner conversation was mainly about migrating to Australia and they strongly suggested that we should consider. Better education system for the kids, better working environment, better quality of life, more stable political environment etc etc.   Hmmm.......not now, but definitely food for thought!

They drove us back to the hotel after that. And showed us there WAS life after 6pm!!!  (cos we earlier commented that the city was dead after dark)

Saturday Night Life

  -- End of Day 3 --


Caterina said...

Oh didn't know bout ur baking shop visit otherwise would have ask u to search for cookies/cake stencil for me. not sure if it's expensive there but can't even find it here.

Cynful Pleasure said...

if you plan to look into migration, then you got to start now to prepare.. migration to Aust getting more difficult each year.. this comes from my work experience with migration agents.. :D

Stacy said...

Pondering 'meaning of life', hah. Probably wondering what's for lunch!

Unknown said...

I like the photo with the caption "I like this photo! Looks like she's pondering the meaning of life while watching the sea".

Yeah, I heard about the famous fish and chips over there. Aiyah, missed it.

Unknown said...

The Fremantle market reminds me of Victoria market in Melbourne, only that it looks like the latter is more interesting so I have to concur with you on the disappointment with Fremantle.

The weather at the beach looks good but must be chilly since Elyssa in jacket and long pants?

Oh, as for migrating to Australia, apparently only Perth records a better job employment also because of the tin mining, and I'm told thats because on investment from mainland china. An ex colleague came back from Melbourne after migrating, hard to get job, and a friend just migrated there, hard to get a decent job. Go only if you are on expat or transferred.

As for property, the Aussie friend tole me that it's not as rosy as painted here in Malaysia. Oh well... I figured Malaysia properties still more ROI than elsewhere.

Ai Sakura said...

Sigh I miss Perth! I stayed there during my Uni days and looks like you didn't go to the other market at Freo, E-Sheds? There was another farmers' market that was quite good too in Subiaco but it's kind closed.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Adrine said...

Cat - Aiyah! I think there was a whole shelf at the baking shop with stencils!

Cynthia - thx for that tip.

Chi2 - ha ha...I tot of that too.

Angeline - we had fish and chips the next day. :)

Irene - yes, it was quite cold there, despite the sun and blue skies. Oh, didn't know it's so difficult to get a job there. Wld be really tough to relocate there then come back cos of no job!!

Adrine said...

Ai - oh, we went to ESheds too. forgot to write about it. I think we spent more time there (looking for souveniers plus Elyssa fell asleep so we just sat down for coffee) then the actual Freemantle market.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Lovely photos you got there. I love the ones with you and Elyssa and your hubs relaxing with her. Priceless.

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