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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Australia Holiday - Day 6

I have PLENTY of photos for Day 6, so I need to do photo collages instead of  posting single photos  ;)

Day 6
Just like Day 5, we started the day with a leisurely breakfast at our B&B. This Noble Grape Bed & Breakfast was the most expensive accommodation of entire trip. (AUD 149 = close to RM500 per night. Ouch!!). But definitely a lovely experience. The hosts Donna and Rod were very warm and welcoming. So nice to chat with them :)  For breakfast on Day 5, we also had a nice chat with a middle aged couple from Perth. On Day 6, we were the only guests so we had the whole place to ourselves! 

Breakfast @ Noble Grape B&B

Inside the Room
So comfy! Loved the little details like milk in the fridge, nice blue china plates (not the cheap type!)  and a stack of DVDs to watch :)

Around the B&B.  Bottom right is a photo with Donna.

Checked out of the hotel then we went on our way. 

First stop was another winery - Eagle Vale

@ Eagle Vale Winery 
As usual, hubby took his time to savour the wine and ask questions. (the owner was a friendly french lady). No complaints at all from me cos I happily stood outside and "soaked" up the scenery!

Next item on our itinerary was a Cave Visit. There were 3 caves to choose from - Jewel Cave, Mammoth Cave and Lake Cave.  We chose Mammoth Cave cos it was the most kid friendly.

Inside Mammoth Cave
Verdict?  Nice but not really mind blowing. I'm an Ipoh girl who has seen plenty of caves!

Outside Mammoth Cave
I enjoyed the short walk from the cave exit to the car park. (he he...enjoyed this more than inside the cave)

There was a slight drizzle when we left the cave. Luckily, it only started to pour when we reached the car.  Phew!

We drove straight to our accommodation for Day 6 - Pemberton Farm Chalet. Yup, one of the things I really wanted was a farm stay  :)  I did warn hubby that after the comfy stay at Noble Grape, he had to lower down his expectations for that nights accommodation!  He was rather apprehensive when he drove to the s-m-a-l-l and rather steep slip road heading towards the chalet.  Ha ha.

Turned out the chalets were very basic but ....... definitely no regrets!  More on the chalets later.

After a quickie lunch at the chalet, we headed to the nearby Gloucester Tree.

Gloucester Tree
Quick info from Wikipedia:  
1. It is a 72metre giant karri tree
2. It's the world's second tallest fire lookout tree
3. There are 153 spikes that spiral round the tree
4. Only 20% climb to the top of the tree, most make it part way before turning back.

Guess what.....I was part of the 20%!!! Can't believe I actually made it all the way to the top! Got such a "high" (literally too. he he) 
The view at the top was absolutely fantastic. And a bit scary too cos the wind was pretty strong when I was up there and I could see n feel the branches moving. My legs were super wobbly when I finally got down!

We also visited the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree after that. Then did our customary grocery shopping :)

Then it was on to our next highlight of the day - animal feeding time.

It was SO MUCH fun !!! 
Plenty of photos -

Elyssa was a bit scared at first, but after a while, she got the hang of it.

Check this out - picking freshly laid eggs from the hen house

Kangaroo, Sheep and Chickens

Animal feeding wasn't quite what I expected. I imagined the animals eating calmly from the bucket, but in reality they were practically attacking the bucket. Ate like they haven't been fed for ages. I kept on giggling at the beginning. ;-)

There was one more small highlight before we ended Day 6. We had our own mini BBQ. Having a BBQ in the cold weather and with a view of valleys, fields and animals were just.....what can I say : WOW!
Plus it was my first experience that halfway thru the BBQ, a kangaroo went boing-boing-boing past and then a few sheep when mehhh-mehh-mehhh past. (but luckily they didn't try to eat our food)

We had such a yummy dinner that night - beef steak, sausages, fresh eggs taken by Elyssa earlier, baked beans, bread and tomato relish.  Also popped a bottle of white wine bought from Eagle Winery that morning.

After dinner, hubby lit up the fireplace inside the chalet. Real fire using real firewood!

Fantastic end to a fantastic day :)

---End of Day 6 --


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Health Freak Mommy said...

Alternatively, you can upload all your pix in Facebook. Then copy & paste to your blogspot blog. Easy peasy.!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

lovely pics. sorry can't help you there. I don't know how to use Picasa :P

Adrine said...

Shireen - It worked!
I used the auto resize earlier but found L too small and and XL too big. Didn't know I can adjust via HTML. thanks a mil! :)

Ai Sakura said...

Nice! Lil Pumpkin would have loved to feed the sheep too

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

ChloeRuoyi said...

Your Day 6 is like, what can I say... WOW! I salute you for climbing that tree all the way to the top! :)

Caca said...

What a nice farm stay experience. I will consider B&B on next trip to Australia.

MeRy said...

Very nice pictures..definitely it was a nice holiday trip.

Stacy said...

I would NOT have climbed up that tree for sure!

Oo so Ozzie to have kangaroo boinging past.