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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Australia Holiday - Day 7

 Day 7

Just look at what greeted us on the morning of Day 7. Such beautiful scenery! If only I have this type of view from my home kitchen window, then I won't mind doing the dishes  :-) 
Oh yeah, we had a morning visitor as well.  Good morning Mr Kangaroo!

Photos of Pemberton Farm Chalet
The wooden chalet itself was quite basic but it was very well equipped - microwave oven, fridge, electric hobs, bbq set (our fav!!), pots, pans, kettle, plates, cups, spoon, fork etc.
Cost: AUD 120 per night for us + AUD 20 for Elyssa. 

 There were 2 bedrooms - one with a queen sized bed and another with 2 double decker beds. Just for the fun of it, Elyssa and I took the lower bunks. (her first experience on a double decker bed!).  Hubs had the queen bed all to himself.

Our breakfast
 Hubby happily setting up the BBQ that morning.  I don't know whether it's a guy thing or not......he normally refuses to go near the cooking stove but when it comes to BBQ, he automatically takes charge!

After breakfast, we had another round of animal feeding. Yay!  And Elyssa picked up 6 warm eggs from the hen house.  (photo coming up)

After that, we set off exploring Pemberton town. It was a bit drizzly at first. Luckily, Mike from the chalet loaned us jackets and boots. I liked Elyssa's blue ski suit and blue boots. I called her "my little penguin" and she loved that nickname. he he.

Lovely Stream Area
There were many walking trails but since we had Elyssa with us, we skipped those. We just walked around on the bigger pathways while eating our chips and Tim Tam chocolate biscuits  :) 

Then we went back to the chalet for our lunch. Hubby fired up the BBQ again and just look at the eggs! I read somewhere last time that egg yolks stay firm when they are fresh. Well, now I know that's true.  
(side note:  looks like I can now blame it on unfresh eggs when I have trouble separating egg yolk and egg white for my chiffon cakes. There were times when the egg yolk just separated the moment I broke the shell. But of course that could be due to my lousy skills too. he he)

 A couple more photos before we checked out of the chalet
Jumping on the trampoline was pretty fun. Tried a few times but then decided to get down just in case it was not meant for adults. Err...don't wanna risk breaking it! 
There was a small swimming pool but it was of course wayyyy to cold to swim. Bottom right photo is Farmer Mike on his tractor. (btw, he was the only one running the place and we were the only guests on that 2 days)

Bye bye Pemberton Farm Chalet.  We had such a good time!

Next stop was the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk.  It's in Denmark, en-route to our next destination - Albany.

This gave the experience of being almost at the top of the giant trees. (minus the effort of climbing 150+ spikes like what I did with the Gloucester tree)

The walkway goes up to 40 metres. Hubby who's afraid of heights nearly freaked out halfway.  Elyssa was oblivious to the height though. Both of us went on the walkway twice. 

After the tree top walk, we proceeded to the nearby "Ancient Empires Walk".
Plenty of huge tingle trees there. For the first time, I can truly say that I was standing UNDER a tree trunk. 

We left just before the park closed!

Then we headed towards our accommodation for the next 2 nights - Greenfield Farm in Albany.Turned out to be another good choice. Will post more photos in my next post.

Sneak Peak of the Cosy living area
There were even plenty of toys for Elyssa to play with.

We cooked a simple dinner and then ZZzzzz....

---End of Day 7---


Miracles in my life said...

Sounds like you guys had a great trip! Wish I was a great planner like you too!!

I like firing up tr BBQ pit is usually a guy thing! U should get one for the house so your hubs can help with "dinner" lol..

How come you guys didn't take baby Erin with?

Adrine said...

Oh, I just love planning for trips!

To bring or not to bring Erin was our debate for months!! ( I changed my mind so many times that even my colleague said she wanted bet on it. ha ha). In the end, one of the main factors was cos she can't stand car rides. Practically screams throughout every car journey. :(

On the BBQ pit at home, we passed one on sale just this morning. Hubby is really tempted!

Miracles in my life said...

N don't fancy the car ride too especially now since he can walk! I was thinking of going home for CNY next year but I doubt it cause it will be a horror to be traveling with an active toddler for at least 26 hours flight myself!! Lol

I think Erin would have enjoyed feeding the animals etc so much! Next time!!

I should go to places you've been to so I don't have to plan! Lol

Miracles in my life said...

If your hubby is going to get a grill make sure he gets a gas one cause a charcoal one they tend to be lazy cause more work! Lol

Stacy said...

Err but soft egg yolks not nice...