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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trip to JB - Part 2

After the long buffet breakfast on Day 2, Elyssa and I lazed around in the hotel room. Around 1+pm, hubby came back (one of his meetings was canceled) and brought us out for lunch.

Well, not just lunch - we went to the Popular Warehouse sale at Plaza Pelangi as well!! Already bought so much stuff at the KL sale, but still want to shop some more in JB!

Popular Warehouse Sale @ Plaza Pelangi
The sale was not as good though. Most of the books at the 70% and 90% section were really, really old and worn out

After lunch, hubby did some work in the hotel room then it was time for some quality time with the little princess. Elyssa jumped around with joy when we told her it was time to go the swimming pool!

Hubby getting Elyssa ready for the pool

Happy Girl

Come! Swim to daddy!
(somehow looks further in the photo. She only did this once - after that, she said she was scared and asked daddy to hold on to her)

Yay! Reached already


For dinner, we went to this quaint little restaurant which our friend introduced to us during our last trip.

Mis-matched tables and chairs, with plenty of knick knacks
The upstairs area is more interesting but I didn't feel like walking up the rickety wooden stairs.

Our fruit smoothies served in little pails

Hub's chicken noodles (I had the beef version)
Simple but yummy! We both liked this cos the style is similar to our favourite beef noodles stall at the Seremban wet market

The next morning, we just stayed in the hotel until it was time to check out.

Happily looking forward to buffet breakfast

After breakfast, we stopped by the rabbit enclosure
We went in for a while only cos Elyssa got scared and insisted to be carried
(aiyoh...sometimes a "samseng", sometimes a timid little girl)

Cute little white rabbit

Had lunch at KSL City shopping mall then drove straight back to KL for my sister's birthday dinner.

Our good little traveller
She slept for more than an hour in the car. After that, she kept herself busy with this sticker book I bought from the Popular sale @ RM1.80. Ha well spent!

Such a nice and relaxing trip :)
Hubby, when is your next business trip that we can tag along??? ;)


Oliveoylz said...

"Roost" appeals to me...I wanna go try. Never even knew it's existence till now.

Oliveoylz said...

I googled. Is it located at the Zon? Just wanted to confirm. Really quirky and cute little restaurant. Elyssa really "heart" those rabbits didn't she?

Oliveoylz said...

I could tell she wanted to go in and mingle with the rabbits...she probably needed more time to warm up to those cute li'l bunnies.

MayChing said...

Roost looks really cool! and I've said it before but what a great traveller Elyssa is! *Envy*

Kristie said...

yummy! never knew abt this roost place ;)

cute elyssa as usual!

LittleLamb said...

Yeah..I wanna go to Roost the next time i'm in JB. Do give me details.

Btw, Popular seems to be having a lot of w/h sales .. almost in all the malls ..and price..not that exactly cheap if i wanna compare to BBW or BX

Alice Phua said...

The sticker book for only RM1.80? That's a very good buy! About swimming in the pool, your daughter is brave, my son is timid. When he realized that I want to take him into the pool, he started crying! *Slap forehead!*

Stacy said...

Nice pics, all of Elyssa's are happy happy. Then again, she is quite a happy child overall.

Alice Law said...

LOL!! popular clearance sales?!! I won't ponder too if need to patron many many times, muahahaha(pity my husband's wallet btw)!

Elyssa is so brave(regardless the frequency), she dared herself to swim to her dad and those pool moment was such great father-daughter bonding time!

Love smoothies, interesting restaurant(lol, tempted me to tag along my husband too on his next biz trip to JB)!

Adrine said...

Oliveoylz - The one I went is not at the Zone. I googled too and its at No 9, Jalan Dhoby (row of pre-war houses). I asked hubby for directions, and this is the best he could come up with : 1. behind Jln Ibrahim. 2. Near Sultanah Aminah hospital.

May Ching - surprising, she only accepted the car seat when she was 1+. Before that, she used to scream all the way!

Kristie - he heh...aren't you from JB? ;)

Rachel - for Roost add, pl see my first comment above. About Popular warehouse sale, I actually enjoyed it much more than BBW or BX. Need to be more patient to "dig" but I found more gems there.

Alice Phua - I know! Now I wished I bought more sticker books :)

Alice Law - ha ha.. I never thought I would go so many times too! Really got "addicted"! Yeah, I love those daddy-daughter bonding moments at the pool :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

can bring me along too? hahahahah. hey, Roost looks like a great place. I like quirky looking restaurants :D

Oliveoylz said...

Thanks Adrine, for the address. Funny, when I googled it said the Zon. I'll go check out the place.