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Friday, March 11, 2011

Popular Clearance Sale @ Summit USJ

I went on a book shopping spree yesterday!!! Was initially half thinking whether to go to the sale or not, and was so glad that I decided to drag myself there. Prices were slashed up to 90% (limited), 70% (pretty good selection) and below 30% (I didn't bother with this).

Note : Sale is on from March 11 to 20, with members preview on March 10.

I ended up spending almost 5 hours there, including lunch and queuing up to pay. (ok, plus answering a thousand "why" questions from Elyssa. Gosh.... I really need earplugs!!!)

When hubby returned home from work and saw my loot, his first comment was "Aiya, why buy so much???". Then he looked at the books, fell silent then finally said....."Want to go after dinner???" Ha hahhhh!!!! I think I really know him well enough cos I was already expecting BOTH comments from him. ;)

Asked my parents to go along, and we happily bought more stuff last night :)

Main part of the loot -

Clifford "Phonics Fun" Collection - Set 4, 5 & 6
12 small books in each set.
RM13.50 each set (Original : RM45. Discount : 70%)

Items bought at 90% discount
Less than RM3 each

Items bought at 70% discount
Sleeping Beauty & Snow White - RM4.50 each, Nursery rhymes - RM 3, Puzzle fun - RM 1.80. Can't remember for the other two.

Threading board at 70%. (original : around RM45)

Elyssa playing with the threading board
I thought it was an easy game, but I was wrong!! She still doesn't get the concept yet.

Books for me at 90% discount
Around RM3 each after discount :)

Books for me at 70% discount

Hubby was grinning from ear to ear when he saw this - "Death Note" Comics box set @ 70% discount (original : RM333).
He also bought a couple of CDs

Quite a lot of stuff eh??? And I was thinking we wouldn't really be buying more books after we got all these at the Big Bad Book sale late last year -


MeRy said...

Oh..the sales is awesome.the popular at sibu is also having a sales today and I went this morning,but I grabbed nothing.
The english section for children books is not a good book and the sales is not that atractive like what is goin on in KL. But then when I walked to the mandarin section,there are super crowded,but too bad I don't read mandarin and did not manage to get any single books.

Anonymous said...

woww memang lots of stuff :)
thanks for sharing this!!!

Alice Law said...

Holy Smoke!!! Please tell me there are still something out there?!!! I bought the Clifford phonic for RM22+ and I thought that was cheap!!! I always wait for Popular warehouse sale, guess this round clearance sale aint not bad though!

Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

Kristie said...

Wow another book sale?

Scared to go dy... BBW burned me bad lol!!!

Irene said...

Oh my goodnesssss! You know ibgt the Clifford phonics collection during vuc's time, and I remember it to be quoted pricey... That's really worth it. I went for the popular sale in Imani but it was not as great as this. Definitely so so worth your time rite?

AngelineBK said...

Aiyo (shake head) so many ar?

Mummy Gwen said...

Aiya..too bad we couldn't make it. Back to JKT already on the 9th. bought so many!!! I salute you for spending 5 hours there.

Irene said...

you know what, i jst read back my comment here and realised how many typos i have made, blame it on the ipad still trying to get used to. i meant ikano, not imani, btw.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wow, great buys! You really know how to shop too :) I love all your selection of books. Really very "dai"!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

The Clifford Books are very very very worth it.
I am sure Sarah will crazy about it if she saw it.

So far, i have bought 2 packs from her school.