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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2 years, 11 months old

Just one more month to her 3rd birthday!

About her -

1. Weight : 13.6 kg

2. She's into her "WHY" phase now. "Why, Why, Why?" from morning until night. I know it's good that she's curious, but it drives me absolutely nuts! There were times when I got so frustrated that I just said "I don't know"...... which of course invited the next question "Mummy, WHY you don't know??????" Aaaaarghhhhh!!!!

3. She's pretty observant. When the cleaners came in last week and changed some of the position of things (like floor mats, her potty, dustbin, table angle etc), I got a never -ending stream of "Why this one put here, why that one put there" questions from her. Which means she knows where each thing should be.
And when I wore a new top last week, her first response when she woke up and saw me was "Mummy, you wear new shirt!" (ahem..... blur daddy didn't even notice)

4. She still kisses, hugs and says good night to my belly every night. I just love it!
When she's in the mood, she'll talk to her baby sister as well.
She will tell me : "Mummy, you play with your Ipad ok? Elyssa talk to baby sister". Typical conversation :
" Baby sister, next time when you come out, you can eat potato..carrot..tomato..porridge..soup (etc etc... can go on for a while)
You can play toys, can play Ipad, can go playground
(etc etc..) Next time I share my toys with you ok??

One morning, I told her I was tired cos her baby sister kept on kicking me. That night, I overheard her whispering softly "Baby sister - you don't kick mummy ok? Mummy pain pain. You must be good girl". Awwwww!!!!! I absolutely melted. :)

5. She talks wayyyyy too much!! Definitely daddy's genes!

6. She still bullies her 2 baby cousins. We're pretty sure it's for attention cos when no one notices, she will announce "I kick baby Jo Ern" or "I push baby Jensen". *sigh*

7. She's starting to have a mind of her own (my baby is growing up!). For her birthday cake next month, she has already specified - a) Hello Kitty Design b) pink colour c) must be chocolate cake.

8. Current bad habit - whenever she's asked to do something (eg: stop playing/shower/keep toys/sleep/change clothes) her standard response is "5 more minutes!". The only time she doesn't use this excuse is when it's time to eat..

9. Some of her comments really make me laugh. Like last weekend in Ipoh, I told her that she can go swimming if "got time". Her response? She took my watch and said "Mummy, you check your watch la.... see whether got time or not". Ha haa!


Unknown said...

Funny Elyssa, but is just so cute!

Adrine, my son just keep asking me, when is the baby coming out! I told him straight away - 9 mtnhs! hehehe...

Anonymous said...

glad to know her milestones progress, such a clever girl!!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

I simply adore her dimples!!! Any grand 3rd birthday celebrations?

Unknown said...

Haha, but she was sooo shy in front of me! She's so caring towards baby, melts my heart also.

Caterina said...

Justin is at a stage where I answer his question, he will ask me "how u know?" n I will always answer, "mummy is a big girl, I know a lot of things" n her response of "5 mins" comes from Justin la

Mummy Moon said...

Wow, going to 3 very soon! SHe is just a guai lui..

Stacy said...

Oh she is hilarious. Very articulate too. Her talking to baby sis is really sweet... hopefully she will stick with the good big sis role after baby arrives. :)

Apparently Jo Ern and Jensen don't like Elyssa very much...

I love Cat's comment on they graduate to 'how u know'!

Mummy Gwen said...

Elyssa is going to be a good big sister to her mei mei. She is such a sweet and nice little girl. :)

the little prince said...

Wahhhh..time flies!! Any plan for celebration?

My son will always said the same thing like Elyssa whenever baby kicking me : Baby, dont kick mama ya!

But when ppl ask him whether BB is little sister or bro,he will said : No is Baby!!!:-)

Leona said...

Elyssa seems like such a sociable fun loving little girl. Love seeing her grow up...

Chinneeq said...

Elyssa is 3 next month, and my boys will be too, 2 months later than Elyssa. Can't wait to see your celebration with your precious girl :)