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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend in Ipoh

Over the weekend, we were in Ipoh for an early "Cheng Beng" - prayers for my late FIL in Kampar on Sat morning followed by prayers for hubby's ancestors in Tg Tualang on Sun morning. It was also a fun family reunion since all of hubby's siblings came together for this occasion.

And of course, when there's family, there's food!! Hub's eldest brother from Singapore already had his food itinerary all planned out :) We had so much good food over the 2 days - fat crunchy bean sprouts, kway teow, "liu" & whole steamed chicken @ our favourite shop in Pasir Pinji, char kway teow & rojak @ Hollywood Restaurant, the best Bak Kut Teh @ Tg Malim etc etc. Also celebrated BIL's birthday with cakes, drinks and wine @ Maria's in Greentown.

As expected, Elyssa had a fantastic time over the weekend. Being the youngest, she got to be the centre of attention (which she loves), got treated like a princess (on a few occasions, she just sat there while "ku jie" and "tai mou" wore her shoes for her) and her older cousins gave in to all her whims and fancies when they played with her. She also surprised everyone with the variety (i.e. everything) and amount of food that can pass through that little mouth of hers!

Some photos taken during the weekend -

Yummy Dim Sum Breakfast @ Foh San
Loooong wait to get table. Then had to to queue up to get the self-service dim sum. But I think it was worth the wait :)

Queuing up for freshly baked kaya puffs @ Sin Eng Heong
Highly recommended by SIL. My first time trying these kaya puffs and I must say it was also worth the wait!!! (and I normally hate waiting for food)

Magnetic Appeal of Iphone
From 1 head, to 3 heads, to 4 heads to 5 heads :)


MeRy said...

Dimsum...looks great.

Mummy Gwen said...

Your foodies posts always make me drool. Must go Ipoh one day. :P

Anonymous said...

fuyoo..the dimsum!!!

Unknown said...

Adrine, very nice to catch up with you today. Hats off to you for being so patient and nice over the long wait for our food. If I was a hungry pregnant woman, I'd have turned tables... haha! Anyway, I must really make a trip back to Ipoh for all those yummylicious food pics you put up.

Sure is good to have many older cousin sisters to pamper the little one. Ely

cre8tone said...

I love ipoh dim sum!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Mmm...the dim sum sure looks good. I still haven't tried them since they moved to this new place. I don't like to wait for my food too ....hehehehhe

Stacy said...

Eh next time ah, tapau some of those puffs for me! :)

Daddy said...

Wow...perak mari ka. Somemore husband from Kampar..I'm from Kampar too and would be back for Cheng Ming a two weeks's going to be Kampar and then Ipoh. Just the thought of the traffic jam gives me the shivers....

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

I love the food in Ipoh!!! Although i felt foh san was a let down. Maybe my expectation was too high.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Never go to Ipoh if you're on a diet haha! We never miss Foh San every time we're there. Love the food but hate the stand-and-wait-for-table part.

Adrine said...

MeRy / Luciana - it was goood!

MummyGwen - he hehh...yes u shld. but I think the best food is still in Penang.

Irene - yup, it was great seeing you and the little prince and princess :) We must arrange something again soon.

Barbara - most things are not worth waiting for, but the dim sum is worth it :)

Chi2 - ok! I bought 10 pieces but really regretted not buying more.

Rodney - luckily we went back early so no jam. We're from Ipoh actually.

Paik Ling - expectations do play an important part in a meal! I remember being slightly disappointed last time so I guess my expectations were slightly lower this time.

HL - yeah, and there's the second part too - the part where other ppl wait for our table b4 we're done!

Alice Law said...

Wow, such a scrumptious foodie tour! Elyssa sure had fun lar, being treated like princess wor!^-^