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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Taiwan Holiday - Day 8

Last day in Taiwan :(
Our flight was at 3pm so Day 8 was actually less than half a day.

As usual, started the day with breakfast at the hotel.

My standard breakfast - 2 bowls of plain porridge with pork floss, fried egg and fried cabbage. Simple but nice and filling. I kinda miss this!

Since Day 8 is only a "half day" post, let me digress a bit to the Taipei hotel - we stayed at "Say Love Hotel" for 6 nights. Room rate was RM190 for weekdays and RM220 for weekends (for the room type we selected. they have cheaper and more expensive rooms too)

No regrets choosing this hotel. It's a 3 star hotel so we were not expecting the moon :) We actually had a big shock when we saw the shabby exterior of the hotel (the hotel occupies only the 3rd floor of an 11 storey building) but luckily the interior was pretty close (say 80%) to the website photos. Phew. Best part of the hotel was that it was walking distance to the Taipei Main Station so it was very convenient.

During breakfast, we get to enjoy free fish spa at the hotel
It was actually our first experience. So ticklish!

Mummy, Elyssa, Daddy ;)
Elyssa didn't dare let the fish nibble at her feet though

Taipei Main Station.
It's the central interchange for MRT, normal trains, high speed trains and buses. Very convenient although pretty confusing at first.

Ok, back to Day 8. After breakfast, our first mission was to buy bus tickets back to the airport. Enquired at the hotel reception and they said it was easy - can just walk to the bus station (practically just opposite the hotel) and don't need to pre-purchase cos buses leave every 20 minutes. Wah, so convenient! But we went there to check just in case as we didn't want to have to hunt for the bus counter later while lugging our luggage. Turned out to be really easy - everything was clearly marked and "wheel luggage friendly". Impressive!

Then proceeded to the MRT station to collect the deposit for our MRT cards (again, it was fast n easy). With the 2 "tasks" done, it was time to enjoy food! Yay, food hunting at the foodcourt of the Taipei Main Station again.

Hubby ate what his described as "the best muachi in his life" cos it literally melted in his mouth. No photos tho. As for me, I already targeted a pizza cone stall I saw the previous day. Supposed to eat it like eating an ice-cream.

Pizza : Ice-cream style!
Nice way of enjoying pizza

Me busy posing while eating my yummy pizza cone while Elyssa was busy......gulping down the bubble tea before I could stop her.

RM 11 for the pizza and bubble tea combo.

Looking down at the train station on the ground floor

After eating, we stopped by a tea shop to buy tea leaves for ourselves and as gifts. Then, it was time to go back to the hotel to get our luggage :(

Photo of Elyssa at the MRT station on our last day.

Hubby absolutely loves this photo cos he says it's as if Elyssa is staring sadly ahead cos she doesn't want to leave Taiwan.

When we got to the bus station, the bus was already there so we didn't even have to wait :) Very comfortable bus ride indeed with the VIP 2+1 type of seating. (RM12.50 per person. Free for Elyssa but she got her own seat as the bus was not full). Smooth traffic so the journey to the airport was only about 35 minutes.

Our last meal in taiwan - noodles at the airport. Simple but good.

The flight home was much longer than the flight there. I think about 5 hours. Elyssa got quite restless and insisted on sitting on my lap for most part of the journey, while I entertained her with songs and silly games. Ok for her but when she goes "Mummy, Again!" after I play the same game like 30 times...... I feel like I want to jump off the window ;)

Since she sat on my lap, who got to sit on her seat?

The lucky Little Miss Sunshine! Got pillow and blanket some more.

- End of our 8 days, 7 nights holiday in Taiwan-

Bye bye Taiwan...... we had a fantastic holiday!! Will definitely visit other parts next time!


ChloeRuoyi said...

Your holiday journal is very well-written. I enjoyed reading all the posts! Will definitely come back for reference should we decide to go to Taiwan one day :)

Caterina said...

the pizza cone looks delicious...somehow i smell pizza now even tho i'm in office!!! ahahahah...

Stacy said...

I love the photo of Elyssa slurping away while mummy's attention is diverted. Caught on camera haha.

LittleLamb said...

I'm simple too..I can have porridge everyday...

Unknown said... much to see and so much to eat! I dunno what am i gonna do with my 5D4N trip. I guess i'll just concerntrate where i wanna go and visit first. Planning is very important for FREE & EASY TRIP. At least u plan for 8 days!

Mummy Gwen said...

8 days seem like not enough after reading your posts...hehe. Glad that u had a fantastic holiday in Taiwan. My Hubs can't speak Chinese and my Mandarin suck..don't know can survive Free and easy trip or not..haha.

M C said...

Hi ya, I love your very-informative journal, photos, and everything about it! I'm planning a holiday for 3 of us (could turn to be 5 ppl) to Taiwan in Dec after my daughter's 'O' level exams. Like you, I had done a lot of research - reading through blogs,, etc... and yet wasn't too confident about some of my selected itin until I read yours.

We're looking at 12-14 days stay, inclusive of 2 nights in Taroko (glad I made that decision!), and a few nights in Kaohsiung too.

Thank you! Will check in on your website again soon. :) :)


Anonymous said...

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