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Friday, September 17, 2010

Final Post (yes, finally!) on Taiwan

Phew.......... I'm finally done with my ALL of my Taiwan posts!

Definitely a record for me in terms of :
1) number of words per post
2) number of photos per post
3) frequency of posts - 9 posts in 7 days!
4) time taken to write each post - longer time spent compared to my typical posts.

But I enjoyed the process as well. While writing, I felt I was "re-living" the holiday for the second time :)

It was truly an enjoyable holiday. As I wrote in my first post of the holiday , I called up Malaysian Airlines hoping to extend our time there. What I didn't elaborate was that I actually called up AGAIN the following day, practically begging to be put on the wait list ;) But negative results for both.

Before the holiday, I had people asking me why hubby and I were bringing Elyssa along. (The simple answer is there's really not much choice. I think it's too tiring for my parents or my MIL to take care of Elyssa day and night for a week, especially when the reason is for us to enjoy, not like it's work or something). After the holiday, I had a lot of people asking me how Elyssa was.

Actually, we are real lucky that Elyssa is a good traveler :) She eats anything and everything, so food is not an issue. (we brought her milk powder there but didn't even make a single bottle cos she just ate what we ate). The only problem we have with her is when she refuses to walk and wants to be carried. She's pretty heavy too at 13+ kg! I can't carry her for long so most of the time it's hubby who carries the princess. He says it's like his daily weight training :)

And luckily, she's at the age where it's very easy to entertain her. With just simple games, she can giggle and laugh like we are the best entertainers in the world ;)

On Taiwan itself, it was definitely amazing. It's funny that I never thought Taiwan had that much to offer until I did my trip research. Looking back, my favourite part of the whole trip was the Taroko National Park. But I enjoyed the Gold Ecological Park at Jinguashi too. And the hotsprings at BeiTou. And the Fishermans Wharf. And going around XiMenDing area. And....... err, you get the drift. I enjoyed a LOT of things in Taiwan.

Signing off the last of the Taiwan posts with a photo of the 3 of us at our favourite place :)


Unknown said...

Thumbs Up - Adrine. Thanks I've been enjoying ur blog so far...

Mommy to Chumsy said...

I can tell that Elyssa is a very-easy going toddler. She loves to eat and smile a lot :D I am sure you won't be able to enjoy your holiday to the fullest if you have left her behind eh? So..where is your next destination :P

ChloeRuoyi said...

Elyssa is indeed an excellent little traveler. I give her 100 marks :) You guys are so blessed! Perhaps it would have been better if you had brought a light-weight stroller along. We did the same mistake on our recent trip to HK too. Imagine my nearly 20kg Chloe kept asking to be carried? The poor daddy ended up with very sore arms when we came back haha...

Oliveoylz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LittleLamb said...

I love all your Taiwan post. Very informative. As I said earlier, I want to make a trip there soon..

The amazing thing didnt speak mandarin n yet made this 8d7n so memorable!

ps: where to next?

Mummy Gwen said...

Yes..Elyssa is definitely a very good girl. Didn't know Taiwan has so much to offer and I enjoyed reading your Taiwan posts.

Love this pic. The background is absolutely stunning..just like in a postcard.

Oliveoylz said...

I am loving all your awesome TWN pics...I've never been there before but it sure looks like there's much more to offer than I know...Got to consider TWN...yes, definitely!

Elyssa is such a wonderful traveller...You are indeed very blessed, Adrine...Time to plan your next holiday!

Unknown said...

you and hubs sure dress like tourist... haha, what with the hat and stuff.. but yea, elyssa is such a good traveller. ; ) hey, i gotta ask u this age-old ah-so si-lai question... were u guys planing to make project no2 ??? (please dun hit me!)

Leona said...

Hhmm...i am curious to the answer posed by Irene...haha!!!

thanx 4 sharing yur wonderful taiwan adventuere. i would definitely look to ur posts d next time i plan a trip there.

btw, nice pics..what camera are u using???

Adrine said...

Angeline - glad you enjoyed it :)

Barbs - True, without her I'm sure I'll spend a lot of time just missing her! He he.. no plans for next holiday yet. Need to rest first or more like need our pockets to rest first ;)

Chloe's mummy - Ha ha...100 marks? You very generous la. Ok mebbe I give her about 85. Need to minus 15 cos wants to be carried!! Actually, the "bring stroller or not?" was one of my bigger dilemmas. Decided not to in the end cos not sure whether it would be stroller friendly. Plus the thing about Elyssa is sometimes she refuses to sit on the stroller. So worst case is have to jaga her and jaga the stroller!! ;)

Rachel - Actually, I do speak a bit of Mandarin. Pretty lousy but it was sufficient to get by. If you need any help planning your Taiwan trip, just send me a FB message ya?

MummyGwen - Yes, agree that it was picture postcard perfect!

Olive - It's a FANTASTIC destination. If you decide to go next time, do feel free to ask me questions about the place :)

Irene - Tourist have to dress like tourist mah !!! he he. I don't think I have the guts to wear some of the stuff I bought and wore there tho. ;) Eh, and what does that have to do with Project no 2??

Leona - Aiyo, u sama gang with Irene!!! ;) On the camera, I'm using a Camera IXUS. Generally, outdoor shots come out better.

the little prince said...

Enjoy reading your post on the Taiwan Trip!! Been there once but didnt know so much more interesting places!! :-) Will plan one next time after my boy a bit bigger cos he is not as good girl as Elyssa!! :-)

Salute to both of u!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Splendid view Adrine. The family photo was taken very nicely.