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Monday, September 13, 2010

Taiwan Holiday - Day 4 & 5 (Hotel)

At the Taroko National Park, we stayed in Leader Village Taroko Hotel which used to be part of a tribal village for the Taroko aborigines. It was more expensive than staying in Hualien town but definitely well worth the experience. Just priceless to be able to wake up IN the beautiful National Park.

Photos -

2 beds in the cabin-style accomodation

Another view of the room
The view outside the window was beautiful

Tribal Set Dinner at the Hotel
Hubby's dinner - main highlight was the Wild Boar Ribs! The dinner set came with glutinous rice cooked in bamboo, wild mushrooms, stir fried forest ferns, a chunk of sweet potato, a meaty bowl of soup plus some other condiments.

My dinner - similar to hubby except mine was fried chicken. The soup and condiments were slightly different.

Included in the dinner set was Rice Wine served in cute little wild boar cups!

The waiter told us the correct way to drink the rice wine was through a small hole at the mouth of the wild boar cup. Ha ha...... hubby looked like he was kissing the wild boar!

After dinner, we watched the nightly cultural performance by the Taroko aborigines. Main stars were the young kids. We enjoyed it immensely! The fact that it was NOT a show by professionals made it even more interesting.

In between the routines, the Taiwanese MC introduced the kids one by one. The kids said their names, he spoke about their background and some points about them. Like how one girl was top in her class, one boy's father was sick and how another little boy always conveniently loses his homework. Very endearing cos it gave each kid its own identity (for the audience).

Tribal Dance

2 young girls performing on traditional musical instruments

Another performance using traditional musical instrument

The adult performers actually work in the hotel too! The guy playing the guitar (who was also co-emcee of the night) was a waiter during dinner. The other guy was the cook. He had us all laughing when he said in a deadpan voice that he was very busy in the kitchen that night, was supposed to be off-duty and didn't even have time to change out of his apron, boots and cap ;)

Elyssa enjoying the show
When the show started (it was almost pitch black and then a boy came running in with a flaming torch) she screamed and said she wanted to go back! She calmed down when the lights were back and I told her to watch the kor-kor & jie-jie's dance. Toward the end of the show, she was clapping away and even went to sit by herself on the front row ;)

The whole performance was about 1.5 hours. I think Elyssa got over-excited cos she woke up screaming around 11pm. Adoi...... I could just imagine the other guests cursing us for spoiling the nice and quiet atmosphere! She only calmed down after about half and hour but slept thru the night after that.

The next morning, we had our breakfast then basically just enjoyed the resort until checkout time at 1pm.

Our breakfast table with a view

The place was absolutely BEAU-TI-FUL !

Walking along a short trail

Elyssa fooling around with a hat in the room

-2nd part of Day 5 in next post. I know I'm being VERY long-winded but I just want to record all the lovely experience! -


LittleLamb said...

I am absolutely falling in love now... I think I'm like u. like those scenaries...peaceful surroundings, nature..

really..makes me want to go there.

ChloeRuoyi said...

You are really fast lah (in blogging). So fast reach Day 4 already :)

Unknown said...

Adrine: With ur blog entries of Taiwan really makes me how to plan for my coming trip! Thanks to you once again & will continue to follow your blog!

Mummy Gwen said...

The sceneries is breathtaking. I can imagine the breathe of fresh air there.

Elyssa looked like she really enjoyed the show. Such a good girl.

Adrine said...

Rachel - yes,i just love peaceful and beautiful places! Beauty of going on our own was that we could cater the trip to our preference :)

Chloe's mummy - Ha ha... I've never been so "efficient" with blogging b4!!

Angeline - Enjoy! ;)

MummyGwen - Yes, Elyssa did enjoy the show. Luckily the main performers were young kids so I think she could "connect" with them better than adults.

Leona said...

U know, in the pics...Elyssa looks so mature and seems like she enjoyed trouble to you...A good traveler...
If it was would be tantrums, tantrums ...all the way...

Unknown said...

I've been there! Glad your family enjoyed their time amongst the beauty of nature. My son travelled to Taiwan very recently, and this is what he enjoyed:

Unknown said...

I've been there! Glad your family enjoyed their time amongst the beauty of nature. My son travelled to Taiwan very recently, and this is what he enjoyed: