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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cooking for Bear Bear

Bear-Bear, what do you want to eat?

Leng Ngau soup? Ok, I cook for you
(must cook with one-leg-up, Ah Pek style)

Finish cooking already. Can eat now

Nice or not? Let me feed you

What do you mean you don't like???? I will FORCE FEED you if I have to!!!!


Mommy to Chumsy said... cute...hahahhah. bear bear is very lucky to get good food to eat :)

Stacy said...

HahaHAHHHH so funny! Poor bear bear! Bear bear call SPCA to report bear abuse.

cre8tone said...


~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Cute!!! Guess she must have learnt the force feed part from Mummy eh?

the little prince said...

Can get her toy kitchen set, then she can stand n cook for the bear!! :-)

MeRy said...

so cute..

Unknown said...

hahahah, i dunno who is the joker here... u or elyssa! haha, so cute! can cook for aunty irene or not? ; )

Stacy said...

Erm Aunty Irene, you better like whatever she cooks. Otherwise have to prepare to be force-fed.... hahaha.

Aiyo I am still laughing at the last pic.

Adrine said...

Barbara - ha ha. But bear bear also getting food shoved down his throat!!

Chi2 - If like that, SPCA will be floaded with calls from all the "animals" in the house ;)

Agnes - Ke ke..luckily, she's so greedy that I never had to come close to force feeding her. The closest force feeding in the house is me trying to get hubby to eat what I cooked! :)

Little Prince's mummy - enuf clutter in the house! As a rule, I try not to buy bulky toys. :)

Irene - I gotta agree with my sis's (Stacy) comment. Just look at the last photo : Elyssa's eyebrow all furrowed up in anger, she's pinching bear bear's nose and she's trying to stuff the soup ladle to his mouth.
So, you better think twice before you order food from this fierce little cook! ;)

Mummy Gwen said...

Elyssa got force Mummy to eat the food she cooked or not..hehe. Actually Bear Bear is lucky coz Elyssa feed her wor although there's a bit of force feeding lah. CUTE.

LittleLamb said...

She can be bossy!

Chinneeq said...

Mummy, Elyssa wants a baby ler!