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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Father's Birthday

Just celebrated my father's birthday at Restaurant Extra Super Tanker @ The Club.

Food was good! (And not as expensive as I expected. Will definitely make a return visit) Before the first dish arrived, my sis said that maybe she over-ordered a little and we could just "tapao" any extra food. We laughed at the comment cos we knew that based on our past records, we never had a chance to "tapao" anything.

Let's see, here's what was ordered -
1) Fried Fish in thai-style sauce
2) Crabs cooked in white chinese wine
3) Claypot Stewed Pork
4) Yam cooked with green vege
5) Fried taufu with chilli sauce
6) Special chinese sandwich - with roast duck skin
Duck meat from the same dish
7) Longevity Noodles

True to our record, we finished everything. Actually, I had another good laugh just now cos when I re-read my blog entry about my father's birthday two years ago (Oh my, Elyssa was still so small, chubby and hairless then!), I realised I wrote the same thing about us polishing up all the food :)

Anyway, some photos taken tonight -

The Happy Birthday Boy

Ah Kong with his four grandkids
---- Leaving this empty for now cos I only got one blurry shot. Will pinch from baby Jo Ern's blog later ----

Elyssa with her beloved Ah Kong.
Ha ha.... opening mouth BIG BIG for birthday cake :)

Elyssa & Justin entertaining baby Jo Ern. (or was it the other way round?)

Happy (belated) Birthday Papa! We are all looking forward to many, many, many more birthdays ahead with the whole family!!!! :)


Unknown said...

Happy (belated) birthday to your dad! Great ppl from Ipoh are born on this day!! Haha (love the coincidence that my mom, your dad and Health Freak Mommy's dad are born on this date, all from the same beautiful northern town of good food, Ipoh)

MeRy said...

Hepi birthday to ur Dad!!

Stacy said...

Wah so fast post one. Wait first ar, today I never bring camera card.

Ya hor, I also noticed references to bdays on Aug 19 while reading Irene's and HFM's blogs. Didn't know about the Ipoh connection before!

Heh I clicked on the link for two years ago and Elyssa looks rather like a fat gopher! OK must be just the pose. :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Belated Birthday To Your Father! Wah..reading the menu already making me drool..haha.

Elyssa was soooo cute 2 years ago. :)

Leona said...

What a feast! Still can finish! The food must be REALLY good! IS this super tanker the same branch at Damansara Kim?
Hapi belated bday to ur dad.