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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Holiday - JB and Melaka

Last weekend, we went for a 4D,3N holiday in JB and Melaka. The JB part was me tagging along hubby's biz trip, while the Melaka part was the actual holiday. What we did:

Day 1 (JB)
- Nothing much as the drive itself was quite long.
- Checked into to The Zone Hotel around 4pm. Did some duty free shopping. (really cheap liquor and chocolates. Clothes and shoes were slightly cheaper too. But not many ppl)
- Wanted to have dinner at a restaurant in the shopping centre. Sat down, wanted to order then was told that the kitchen was closed as they ran out of cooking gas. We were like "what???????" How to run a restaurant like that? Such poor planning! (maybe that explains the quiet shopping mall)
- We ended up with an forgettable meal at Merrybrowns.
- Shopped a little more then walked over to nearby pubs/restaurants. Had supper of pizza, garlic bread and beer. It was sooooo good! Should have eaten there for dinner.

Some photos from Day 1 -

Posing in the hotel room

Pub area of The Zone

Supper Place

It was around 10.30pm and Elyssa was still awake & waiting for pizza in a pub-like establishment.
He hehh.... no wonder she likes holidays so much!

Day 2 (JB and Melaka)
-Hubby went for his morning meeting but it was a holiday for me. Yayyyy!!
- I let Elyssa bathe in the bathtub then had a leisurely complimentary buffet breakfast.
- then went shopping till noon.
- had late lunch with hubby at Starbucks.
- met up with my friend who stays in JB. Yay! "Handed over" Elyssa to hubby then we had our girly time. What did we do? Went to the hairdresser to wash, blow and style our hair! (something I've never done before, unless my intention is to get a haircut. My friend does this twice a week. Wow, what a life!). I opted for curls since my hair is normally straight. Forgot to take photo tho. Duh!
- after that, "collected" Elyssa n hubby then we went to visit my friend's soon to be completed house. Had to keep jaw from dropping. He he.
- then dinner with her family.
- left JB around 10.30pm.
- reached Melaka almost midnight. Checked into Renaissance Hotel and then Zzzzzzzz. (Elyssa already slept in the car)

Photos from Day 2 -

Lunch at Starbucks

Little Monkey in Starbucks

Some of our loot - dresses for Elyssa

New shoes for the 3 of us
(my white Nike was only RM129!)

Day 3 (Melaka)
- Breakfast at nearby coffee shop.
- then went to Mahkota Parade. Walked around a bit then had coffee at Starbucks.
- Took trishaw to Jonker Street.
- Explored the place. Had lunch of chicken rice balls.
- Walked somemore until night time. Tea time (fried rice & ice-cream) at Geographers Cafe.
- After dinner at Jonker Street, we went back to the hotel.
- Was a bit hungry after all the walking so ordered pizza from our favourite Italian restaurant at the hotel. It was so yummy!

Another reason why Elyssa enjoys holidays - she gets to freely fiddle around with things!

Daddy the trishaw man! Little girl not impressed tho. Ha haa...

"Kincir Air" replica

First time she posed for a photo - ie we asked her to stand there by herself and smile

Ha ha.... fake forced smile !

Our yummy, yummy supper - pizza, codfish and beer. :)

Elyssa got to enjoy supper too!

Day 4 (Melaka)
- Woke up, lazed around, ate leftover pizza, watched tv. Elyssa had her bathtub fun again.
- Then went for buffet dim sum brunch at the hotel. It was so good! We always joke that it's "good value for money" when we bring Elyssa out for buffets cos this little girl can eat A LOT !!
- checked out of hotel then drove back to KL.

*End of holiday*
As with any holidays with hubby and the little princess, the days just flew by so fast!


Unknown said...

your girl loves dresses??? enviousss!!! eh, where are pics of mummy??? ; )

Stacy said...

Aha I am eyeing those dresses for Jo Ern later! Request to buy some non-pink ones since got a lot of pink already. :D

Bring Elyssa for buffet is still free right?

MeRy said... ,shop and have so much funs.
How come don't have mummy's pic with little girl?

Mommy to Chumsy said...

waahhh...holidays again? how fun :) i like the dresses and the shoes.

psst...we are going to melaka next time and will be staying at Rennaissance too..courtesy of the vouchers...hehehhehee. how's the hotel?

ChloeRuoyi said...

Yes, time flies when we are having fun! We love holidays and staying in hotels too hehe... who doesn't? ;) The Zone Hotel is not bad, got duty-free shopping mall attached to it. We stayed there once quite some time ago.

Nice dresses you got for Elyssa there! :)

LittleLamb said...

Hmmm both you and hubs like coffee or starbucks alot??

Great holiday..even though short but memorable.

austintraviz said...

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Mummy Gwen said... always get to stay at nice hotels lah..envy..hehe. Elyssa's photo taken alone is very cute..control hensem..hehe.

You actually kuat shopping too. :P Love the dresses and the shoes.

MayChing said...

elyssa is such a good traveller! lucky you!

Adrine said...

Irene - So far, she's generally ok with whatever clothes we choose for her. If she doesn't like, we just tell her it's very nice and usually that does the trick for the little vain pot :)

Chi2 - He he... request not entertained! And yes, buffet is free for her so very "tai".

MeRy - Yes it was fun! No photos of me cos usually I'm the camera man. For this trip, I think I had only 3 photos of myself but then I look fat so didn't want to put up ;)

Barbs - It's a nice hotel! Food is 50% off with the vouchers so it's really good. Do try the dim sum buffet on Sunday mornings (RM28+) and dinner at the Italian restaurant. The food is much better than the KL Rennaissance. Enjoy your holiday!

Chloe's mummy -I think we have a common interest in nice hotels!

Rachel - ha ha.... very observant! Yes, just give me Starbucks hot latte and I'm a happy person :)

Austintraviz - thx!

MummyGwen - I somehow shop more during holidays than in KL. I think it's the "kiasu" syndrom cos I know I can't go back to buy the same items.

MayChing - Yes, I'm thankful for that. Elyssa is alwiz sooo happy during holidays! Actually, we have one more coming up very soon :)

Irene said...

holidays & hotel always fun! eat, shop, eat, shop & starbucking!