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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daily Weekday Schedule

Writing down Elyssa's daily schedule seems like such a mundane thing to do. But looking back at my blog entries, the one and only time I wrote about her schedule was in August 2008. I enjoyed re-reading the entry (she was only 4 months old then) and I wished I had written a few more.

I guess it's never too late to start again, so here's her current daily schedule. (or at least quite current - this has been in my draft for more than a month now)


Approx 8am - Wake Up

8.20am - I drop her off at my parent's house which is just down the road from mine. She loves going to Ah Kong/Ah Ma's house, so I have no problems getting her to go there or when I leave. After our standard morning routine of big hug-flying kiss-and-wave bye-bye I drive off to work.

8.30 am - 9.30am - Drink Milk. Then Play time at the patio and garden. She loves to "help out" with the gardening. Ah Kong pulls out weeds, she pulls out random stalks of grass ;)

9.30 am - Bath time

9.45 -12.30 - Potter around the house/help out with more gardening/play with toys/watch little bit of tv (usually less than half hour)/ disturb ah kong/disturb ah ma/disturb kakak etc

12.30 - Justin koko comes home from pre-school.

1pm - Lunch time. Then brush teeth and wash face.

1.30 - Ah Ma brings her to the downstairs room to sleep. She normally falls asleep only around 2pm. Typical excuse - "play little while first", "want to pee first", "want to poo poo first."

Approx 3.30 pm - Wake up. Drink milk.

3.45pm - Read Books/Sing Songs/Play time with Ah Ma or Ah Kong and Justin koko.

Approx 4.30pm - Ah Ma does yoga. Sometimes, the 2 kids imitate the yoga positions. (pretty hillarious... I must remember to take photo one of these days!)

Approx 5.30 pm - Walk to nearby Playground with Ah Ma and Justin ko ko

6.30 pm -Come back. Play at the patio for a while then bath time.

7.00pm - dinner time.

Around 7.45 - Hubby and I arrive. Then when it's time to leave, we go through a pretty standard routine : 1. I announce that it's time to go home. 2. She cries and says "I don't want to go home. I want to stay here". 3. I say, "Ok....Mummy going to leave now. You can stay here". 4. She cries some more. And says "Mummy wait.... must big hug Ah Kong/Ah Ma first". 5. I wait for the hugs to be completed. 6. We leave together. Happy mummy, happy Elyssa. (probably happy grandparents too.... can get some respite from the little monkey before the routine starts again the following day. he he)

Around 8.30pm - Back home. Play for a while.

Around 9pm - Go upstairs to drink milk (diluted since she just had dinner) and wind down.

Around 9.30pm - Zzzzzzz


Some photos I took recently:

Fun time at the patio with Justin Koko in the evening

I asked Elyssa & Justin to smile for the camera and this is what I got.
So sweet...... I absolutely love this photo!

Oh yes, I should add this to her daily schedule too - "Fight with Koko".
Yup, one moment they play, then the next moment they fight like cats n dogs, then they play again like best friends !!! ;)


Mommy to Chumsy said...

it's so good that you have your parents to look after her. she's in safe hands and has a cousin to play with :) love the photos.

Unknown said...

it's a nice routine and it's nice to have grandparents to spend time with them. they will love them more and remember them a lot. i'm trying to train william to brush teeth but i'm too lazy lar.. haha

LittleLamb said...

She looks very tall in the photos..:)

Glad that your parents are taking good care of her and available to take care of her and their other grandkids

cre8tone said...

Nice routine...

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

She looks so big girl liao :D

Just imagining the 2 kids following their grandma do yoga is hilarious. LOL!!

Mummy Gwen said...

That's a very good routine. Elyssa has grown so much. Nice photos. Your parents house is so big.

leeyen said...

Before moving to Klg (we were frm PJ), my boy was lonely at home with only me around all the time, but now he got lots of cousin to play with which I think is very good :) they help me babysit him so I can have more time for myself and the baby! Good that Elyssa have her cousins and grandparents to "play" with too!

Stacy said...

Ah Kong and Ah Ma's care is really ideal. No daycare will go to the extent they do for the benefit of each of the kids. Eg making Elyssa run for fear she gets fat, distracting Justin when he scratches too much, getting creating in feeding Jo Ern.

So many different healthy activities too, vs just watching TV.

Yep that last photo is really nice!

Adrine said...

Barbara - Oh yes, I'm just so happy that she's in such capable and loving hands when I'm away at work. :)

Irene - No lar...we still have to brush for her. But at the end of the proper brushing, we let her brush herself. At least get her used to the idea.

Rachel - Don't think she's that tall when I compare her to kids her same age at Gymboree.

Prince n Princess mum - thx!

Agnes - Ya loh.... very hilarious indeed! Esp when Elyssa tries to stand on one leg but then cannot balance ;)

MummyGwen - It's a corner lot so the kids are lucky to have extra space to play.

LeeYen - Yes, it's fantastic to have cousins to play with. I think it's diff when kids play with kids, compared to kids play with adults.

Chi2 - Totally agree! A lot of love and care goes to each grandchild. Lucky kids (and lucky parents too!) :)

Caterina said...

oh the 2 kids are so adorable... i want a copy of the pic where u asked them to smile too. nice pic... and luckily justin didn't gave his funny smile. and yeah, justin comes back from school at 11.45am nowadays, no longer 12.30pm... :-)

ZMM said...

You are so lucky to have your parents 'jaga-ing' her for you, and living sooooo near is even more a blessing.

(but I think a lot of families are doing this these days, at my area, lots of daughters live near their mum's, all walking distance. My MIL is near us too, but she never offer to help with the girls since Day 1.. so. ok lar.. I handle myself)

Nice to meet you too the other day.. Trying to 'get to know you more' by reading your old posts.