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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Versatile Blogger

I received this award from Irene and Leona.
Thanks for thinking about me!
Rules : To accept this award you must:
1. List 7 random things about yourself
2. Share the award with up to 15 other bloggers
3. Link to each of the recipients and let them know they've won via comments on their blogs
4. Thank and bring the love back to the person you won the award from by linking back to them.

Had to "scratch head" a bit (ha ha...cos I'm more used to writing about Elyssa than about myself!) for this. Anyway, here are the 7 random things about me that came to mind :

1. I am a natural left-hander. But "trained" to use right hand to write since early primary school. I think that's the cause of my ugly and slow handwriting!

2. I am absolutely terrified of snakes. Even a picture of a snake can give me goose pimples.

3. Since I was a kid, all the soft toys in the house have a name, specific character and a voice. (and yes, they do "talk" a lot!) In the beginning, hubby thought I was a bit weird but nowadays he joins in ! He he.

4. I am forever grateful to the inventors of contact lenses and auto cars.

5. One of my favourite form of exercise (when I actually get down to doing it) is home aerobics. I think I have about 15-20 of these vcds. I always close the curtains when I exercise, in case my neighbours wonder why this crazy person is jumping around the living room ;)

6. I love reading. When I read, I get "transported" to the time, place and events in the book.

7. I'm been in the corporate world for slightly over 10 years now. Am currently going through a rather disillusioned phase. Maybe this is a sign that I should do something completely different. Well, will see..

So, that's me. :) Now, I would like to give this award to the following great mummies (and 2ma). Looking forward to know more about you!

1. Jasmine
2. Stacy
3. MummyGwen
4. InspiredMum
5. Barbara
6. Kristie
7. Joanne
8. MayChing


Inspired Momx1 said...

Thanks for the award. Appreciate it. It's a good way to know each other better huh..:P

Mommy to Chumsy said...

thanks for the award Adrine :D

Unknown said...

hey have a wonderful weekend to you and the rest of the family..

take care now and God Bless,

congrat for the award, isn't nice to know that someone thinks of us sometimes,,,?

Mummy Gwen said...

Ooh I saw my name there. Thanks for remembering me dear. :)

MayChing said...

thanks for the award Adrine :) ya, i am scratching my head too now trying to think of 7 random things abt myself!

MeRy said...

Nice award.....

Leona said...

I guess Elyssa gets her love of soft toys from you...

Unknown said...

Hhmm.... thinking abt you jumping around in the living room is kinda hilarious... haha!! But at least you excercise... the only ones I do is climb up and down the stairs. : )

Unknown said...

Oh, btw, my soft toys have names and can talk like yours too! Vic takes after me. So next time we meet, we can make our soft toys talk and hv a party!!! Haha

Stacy said...

Got award must do work one ah?? Aiyo must think! As for passing awards to other ppl, I have no friends yet... hehe.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks Adrine for the award.
Sorry for my late comment here as I have no idea I was tagged, hehe.
Anyway, I have done my random things here

- Oh yea, I love auto cars too!