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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jigsaw Puzzle

Elyssa's latest craze is - jigsaw puzzles!

About 3 weeks ago, hubby bought a 16-piece rabbit jigsaw puzzle for her. She tried it for a while but lost interest when she didn't know how to solve the puzzle. Then hubby came up with a brilliant idea - he started taking out a few pieces at time. Elyssa was one happy girl when she successfully put back the pieces to the correct place!

Gradually, we made the process more difficult - taking out corner pieces, then side pieces, then centre pieces, then taking out top portion, then bottom portion etc until she was ready to have ALL the pieces taken out at one time.

One other trick that we did was to leave her alone when she was solving the puzzle. If not, she would keep asking "Is it like that?" "Like that can or not? " Correct or not?".
So we just leave the room until we heard her loud declaration of : "Yay..... finished already! Elyssa so clever!". ( ha ha.... she self praises a lot)

Elyssa's first 16 pc jigsaw puzzle


When she could finish her rabbit puzzle independently, I bought her another 2 sets - dolphin and hippo.

Very busy

2 nights ago, I took out a Barbie puzzle that I bought during my recent trip to Singapore (only SGD 1!) I was surprised that she could finish the puzzle by herself after guiding her twice.

Managed to take a video clip of her 4th attempt -

I am glad that she likes her jigsaw puzzles. I think it's good for her development AND it's a fantastic way of keeping her occupied. (ha ha... I think I like the 2nd reason more than the 1st one!)

Now I'm now looking out for more puzzles to buy for her :)


Reanaclaire said...

hey..she is smart.. so small yet she knows how to do it.. great! yeah, buy more, for $1 is very cheap..

Mummy Gwen said...

Good job, Elyssa! She is really smart. :) Gwen is like that too..she will ask me whether she is doing it right or not when I'm around..haha.

Inspired Momx1 said...

It's good that she can focus in putting the puzzles together at this young age. My boy will get bored after a short period of time unless I do it together with him.:(

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Well done Elyssa :D She's a smart cookie :D now...mommy can go find a 100 pieces puzzle to keep her busy....kakakakakaka

Leona said...

I love puzzles coz they are cheap way to occupy kids... and also help their development too!! If Elyssa likes Barney, Popular has a selection of Barney puzzles...can't remember how much.. I think around RM3.90 each if not mistaken.

cre8tone said...

Puzzle mania in your home!

slavemom said...

Clever girl! Next, can intro her to more pcs. 16-pcs ones r too simple for her edi.

MayChing said...

wow, she's smart! and so patient to finish it on her own!

Health Freak Mommy said...

So clever! I haven't introduced jigsaw puzzle to Baby yet coz I just don't hv the time *bad mummy* I just showed this to Baby and told her that E is the same age as her and she can solve a puzzle. Guess what, she ran to the drawer and fished out the jigsaw puzzle. Hmmm, i hope this will inspire her to solve jigsaw puzzles too... and spend all her time playing with them so that she can give me a breather :D

Suzan said...

Ku jie soooooo proud of Little Elyssa... i think she's right "Elyssa so clever!!" :o)

Adrine said...

Reanaclaire - Thx for dropping by!

MummyGwen - he he. that's why I need to walk away :)

Inspired Mum - sometimes she gets distracted and does something else. But she likes the praises and claps we give her when she's done.

Barbara - he he.. anything to keep her busy is good!

Leona - Thx for the tip! I went to Popular last weekend and bought 2 Barney Puzzles for her. Only RM2.90. She likes it so far so I'd definitely be buying more.

Prince n Princess mum - Yup, puzzle mania!

Slavemum - now she has progressed to the 40pc Barney puzzle. But still need to guide her a bit.

MayChing - Now she's interested cos it's a new thing to her, plus we shower her with praises when she's done. Hopefully she will stay interested!

Shireen - Hope Baby C would like the puzzles too!

Suzan sis - He he.. must ask Elyssa to give ku jie big kiss for that compliment :)