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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Professional Haircut

We took Elyssa for her very first "professional" haircut last weekend. We chose the XCut Saloon at The Curve as they have a dedicated kids corner - complete with a doggie car (with steering wheel!) chair, a brightly coloured wall and a huge mirror.

I wasn't sure how she would react to a stranger cutting her hair. Her normal "hair stylist" is none other than her grandma and she normally gives grandma a hard time by refusing to stay still.
Anyway, the haircut session turned out better than expected. She didn't fuss when the hairstylist draped on the black protective sheet and started cutting her hair. But a few minutes later, she kept on saying "uok uok" (for walk-walk) and wanted to climb down the chair. Ke ke...... luckily I had some biscuits in my bag. As usual, she stopped fussing when she had food in her mouth! A couple of biscuits later, the haircut was complete.
Some photos taken -

"What is this auntie doing to me? "

I wasn't too keen on the end result though. Her hair was too short and too boyish for my liking. *sigh* So much for a "professional" haircut. :(


Unknown said...

haha, and jst the other day i was asking who cut her hair. anyway, hair will grow... once it comes to a manageable length, u can jst trim the fringe and let the back grow... girls hair is the easiest to cut... hehe. btw, how much was the damage?

the little prince said...

She so clever, sit through the whole session!! My boy dont even want to look at it whenever we passby this shop@@

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahahahha...look at that face. not too happy with ppl messing her hair eh? she still looks cute with new hairstyle lah :D

i've seen the little doggie chair and Ashley is pretty excited to see it each time but when we ask her if she would like a haircut, she give us a loud NO.

Mummy Gwen said...

She is very well behaved. Good girl. Hair grow very fast. ;) But I think she still looks pretty. :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

That's a very cool hair saloon with doggie chairs for kids. She still looks cute despite the boyish hair cut.

slavemom said...

Good girl, Elyssa, for sitting thru the whole haircut. For my boy, food is a good way to keep him still too. :D

Adrine said...

Irene - ya, was already planning to bring her for the haircut when I saw your comment. The haircut itself costs RM12. We were gonna pay when we stepped foot into the shop, but the stylist said not to pay first cos some kids won't let them cut. I tot it was a nice gesture not to ask for upfront payment.

Little prince's mummy - all thanks to the biscuit.

Barbara - yup, can tell from the face that she's not happy!

MummyGwen - thx :)

Shireen - tat's the reason why I chose that particular place. Smart of them to cater to the kids market.

Slavemum - he he... that's the advantage of greedy kids.

LittleLamb said...

hmmm i think the mummy can cut Elyssa's hair too

2ma said...

dun worry, her hair will grow back in a nick of time!