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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holiday - Port Dickson

This is a slightly belated post - 2 weekends ago, we went for a short holiday in Port Dickson together with Elyssa's ku-cheh (hubby's sis) , yee pak (hubby's bro), yee mou (hubby's SIL) and her 2 cousins - Chloe and Charmaine cheh cheh.

We stayed at the newly opened Thistle hotel. Very nice hotel indeed so we spent most of the weekend in the hotel itself. Elyssa had a blast playing with her cousins, especially Chloe. It was great to see them laughing, playing and running around :) Pity I did not get any decent photos of the happy girls. Will try again next time.

Anyway, here are some photos taken during the 2D,1N holiday:

Bedroom (I loved the window seat) -

Bathroom -

Kid's Playroom -

Elyssa surprised us when she said "Ba Ney' (cos we never taught her that) -

Day 2 - Breakfast time with her favourite Chloe cheh-cheh

Our little family unit -

Walked around hotel after breakfast -

More walking around-

I wonder what big issue she's thinking about here - probably "I wonder what's for lunch" ;)

Can't see from the pic above, but she was wearing her shoes at the beach. I tried letting her touch the sand with her bare feet, but she cried and said "eck eck" (meaning "dirty"). Then she pointed to her shoes and said "wear wear". !!! Not only that, but when I was happily digging my toes into the sand, this little miss bossy also kept telling me "eck eck" "wear wear" !!

Eh, just because you don't like the sand, mummy also cannot play??


Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh..that's a nice hotel, previously guoman eh? is the beach nice? i like the last photo of elyssa. her tummy is so cute!!! i love seeing her photos :D

Unknown said...

that's great... i remembered she cried the last time at kuantan beach.. now she's a big brave girl huh? btw, who does her hair cut?

the beach looks nice, issit? if so, then we dun hv to go so far to kuantan next time...

2ma said...

wahhh...very nice hotel!! the play room also very nice!! is the hotel expensive?