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Monday, November 16, 2009

Houston - Part 2

Part 2 of my Houston trip was the "official work" part where I was practically stuck in this windowless conference room for 5 whole days.....

Tiring as it was, I think it was a really productive team meeting. Even with modern technology such as video-conferencing and tele-conferencing, nothing beats an old fashion face-to-face session.

It wasn't just work, work, work all the time. We managed to catch the Veterans Day Parade on the second work day there. It was a beautiful day (clear skies, nice wind but not too cold) and there was such a nice festive atmosphere in the air. I was quite impressed at how Americans appreciate their ex-soldiers. Whenever the older ones parade out (especially those in wheelchairs), the whole crowd just spontaneously clapped and cheered - and you could just see the pride in the faces of the veterans! I couldn't help thinking about how we treat ex-Malaysian soldiers... but then again, I supposed they never had a real war.

Some pics of the parade -

There were school marching bands, army tanks, veteren march-past, army vehicles, police on horseback, old fashioned horse carriages etc.

Other pics taken that working week-

Free newspapers by the roadside

I was thinking - if they have this in M'sia, maybe some people will just take the whole stack and sell to the recycling guys? ;)

Some of the yummy food I had -

Barbequed pork ribs with 2 side dishes and cantaloupe juice. Ok, I know the ribs don't look that good in this picture, but there were absolutely amazing !!

Jambalaya and Jalapeno Corn Bread -
TexMex food - tacos, enchiladas, beans and rice

Finally, a picture of my little team. The guy standing up is my American boss (Leonard) while the guy sitting down next to me is my German counterpart (Oliver).

- to be continued-
Part 3 is on SHOPPING !!!! *wink*


LittleLamb said...

Gosh..i miss those Mexican food... even the normal shop like Taco Bells.. bring sweet memories back to me... Enjoy your trip. Cant wait for Part3 shopping! I wonder what u may have purchased..heehhehe

Mommy to Chumsy said...

i can't help but laugh at your sentence regarding the free newspapers. Most people here are just not as civic-minded as them in North America/Europe. Sad huh? The food sure looks delicious. Not cold in Houston now? I can't wait to read about your shopping. I miss shopping in the states :(

the little prince said...

yummy yummy food....

Unknown said...

Hohohoho... shopping!! Looks like santa clause has started work too! ;)

cre8tone said...

Nice biz trip... Yummy food...

Leona said...

wah.. the american portions sure are big! could u managed to finish???

mom2ashley said...

hang on a minute...this looks familiar...are you by any chance working for hp?