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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Houston - Part 3

The Saturday after the work week was the day I was really looking forward to - SHOPPING !!!!

We drove (well, my colleagues drove. I just sat in the car) almost 3 hours to get to the outlet mall in San Marcos. Was it worth the drive?? Definately!

I headed straight to the Coach outlet. Before I entered the store, I needed to pee and I was a little hungry. But then I saw the price tags on the bags.....there was an original printed price, then a slashed-down price (about 15% off) handwritten in red ink and then the best part -another 40% or 50% off from the price handwritten in red ink. Wah..... I could feel my heart pumping when I saw that!! I happily pulled out bags from the shelves to try them on. The sales attendants were pretty friendly and helpful too. My friend was chatting with one of them and mentioned that she recognised her from another visit about a year ago. Then suddenly, the sales attendant gave her a coupon for 20% discount on top of all the other discounts, saying that she can give the coupon to one customer per day. We felt like we were in heaven !!!!

As I happily walked out of the shop with my loot (pics below) 2 hours later, I suddenly felt that my bladder was about to burst and I was starving. Ha hahh..... it's funny how I managed to "forget" about my body needs when I was shopping!

The 3 of us proceeded to have lunch at Johnny Rockets. Long wait for a table + long wait for food = less shopping time :( But the yummy Oreo milk-shake did partially make up for the long wait.

Continued shopping after that but without the adrenalin rush in the Coach store :)

Will let pictures tell the rest of the story.

Prime Outlets in San Marcos -

Coach Store -

We filled up the whole car boot!

My bags. I loved the colourful totes - couldn't decide which size to buy so I got both in the end :)

Osh Kosh clothes for Elyssa (yes - I'm going through a pink phase!)

Corelle set for MIL -

Bought other stuff like Nike t-shirts and GAP sweaters too. (no pics)
After shopping, it was the long 3 hour drive back to Houston again. Dinner was at a Texas BBQ place - Goode & Co. Beef brisket and Czech Sausage which were really, really good.

Dinner -

Bison in Goode & Co -

A fantastic end to a fantastic day of shopping :)

*next post - New York !!*


MayChing said...

ai yo, i have huge bag envy now! so nice! mchyl

LittleLamb said...

LOVED ur loot!!!

Unknown said...

oh my oh my oh my!!!! I almost fainted when I saw all those bags!!! are u willing to sell them?!! Haha... maybe I should go US

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow wow wow....So nice collections of bags!! Super envy you lah. The outfits for Elyssa are so pretty. Great buys. :D

Caterina said...

wow... so many coach bag... and one of them is the same model as mine, except mine is black and bigger and ur bro bought it for the original price!!! how i wish i was there.. sob sob...

Mommy to Chumsy said...

OH MY GOODNESS. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! Love all your stuff, especially the brown leather bag :D Love the clothes you got for Elyssa. Hey, is the Corelle cheap? Must be less than USD50 huh?

2ma said...

wahhhhh....i so envy leh!!!! if i am at the coach outlet, i would also go gila like u *haha*

Leona said...

I like the striped Coach tote too. NIce. And spacious.. can keep lots of things inside...
Me want to go to US too!!!

Kristie said...

wow i wonder how cheap are the coach bags there? :)

bought so many of them, must be really really cheap huh?

lovely clothes for elyssa, i love pinky stuffs for girls too :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

I am drooling over your Coach loot! How much was each of the Coach bag?

mom2ashley said...

readng this post makes me so excited because i was at Houston in June last year and the shopping was heavenly!!!! We rented a car and we too filled up the boot!

Irene said...

omg *faint*

slavemom said...

Really nice loots u've got! U can open shop to sell Coach bags liao. ;)