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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Elyssa turned 15 months old on Sunday. Not a very good start to the day since she woke up with a fever :(

She started being slightly feverish on Saturday night. I gave her some fever syrup before she slept. I woke up twice during the night to touch her forehead but noted that her temperature was back to normal. So I was disappointed when her whole body was very warm when we woke up on Sunday morning. Temp went down after mid morning, but was up again at night.

Monday - Body still warm. My father and hubby took her to the clinic in the morning. Temp went down but up again in the afternoon (almost 39 degrees) Super paranoid hubby wanted to go the clinic again but we convinced him otherwise since doc already gave medicine and said that to come back only if fever is consistently high even after medication. Also, she was eating and playing like normal. Luckily, temp went down after the rectal suppository.

That night, she was super fussy and sticky. (altho no fever) Took almost 2 hours to get her to sleep. She woke up screaming less than 2 hours later. It took almost another hour before I got her to sleep again.

Tues - Ok in the morning, but slightly warm again in the afternoon. Again, mr paranoid hubby wanted to go the clinic. But again, luckily temp down after fever syrup.

Another difficult night. (altho no fever) Getting her to sleep was alright but she woke up screaming twice. I was on a late night telcon with my boss. The first time, hubby managed to calm her down, but the second time I could hear she was really agitated so I finished off the call with my boss early. At around 2am, she started another screaming session. I tried all ways to pacify her and ended up walking up and down the living room until she fell asleep.

Weds (today) - So far, fever has not returned. When I left her at my parents place this morning, she was happily running in the patio with her cousin Justin. She even turned to wave bye-bye to me then continued playing :)

I hope that's the end of the fever episode !! Since birth, this is the first time that she has a fever > 24 hours. I always feel that she's as strong as an ox. (in the past 15 months, I think I've been sick twice, hubby three times and Justin once, but this strong little girl breezed through everything). So I hope she'll continue to be my strong little ox again after this.


Unknown said...

Hi... William also came down with fever last Sunday. Got very high at night, and on Monday night and Tuesday nights. I gv him suppository on Mon and Tues nite, and 6hoursly paracetamol. He seems fine during the day, but the fever attacks at night. After I sponge him on Tues night, he was ok Wed morning and throughout the day and last nite no fever. Hooray!

Appetite badly affected, but no sweat, he's 11.5kg got allowance ler.. haha

Leona said...

Try giving some supplements to boost Elyssa's immune system...especially now with all the flu bug going around...

Unknown said...

fyi, my doc recommended Pharmaton Kiddi syrup which is a multivit with no sugar added. I gv William this occassionally in case too heaty if taken daily.