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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1 Year, 3 Months old

A slightly belated 15 month update due to her fever encounter.

About her -

1. Weight : between 10.4 to 10.7kg (my weighing scale keeps giving me a diff number!) Teeth : 4 at the top, 2 at the bottom with 1 more peeking out.

2. She's easier to manage these days. For eg, I used to dread it if she wakes up and cries when I shower in the morning. (hubby goes to work earlier than me so there's no one else to pick her up). These days, she'll just get down from the bed herself, walk to the bathroom and either play with my toiletries outside the bathroom or walk around in the bathroom.

3. She likes to walk around when we go out. We've stopped bringing out the stroller for quite a while now. The downside is that she doesn't let us hold her hand or listen to instructions of "walk this way". So the end result is her walking anywhere she wants with hubby and I trailing a few steps back, watching her like a hawk. We've bought her a pink butterfly backpack/ harness but have not used it yet. I know it's practical but I'm still a little reluctant. Maybe when she starts running.

4. Instructions that she can follow:

a) "Clap your hands"

b) "Shake Shake"

c) "Where's your tummy?"

d) "Where's your ear?"

e) "Where's the fan?"

f) "Put Up your Hands"

g) "Dance"

h) "Blink"

i) "Open your mouth" - She'll open both her mouth and her eyes really wide ! This one is really useful when feeding her since this greedy girl has a tendency to request more food even when there's still food in her mouth. So these days, when we suspect she hasn't swallowed everything, we'll say "open your mouth" to make sure it's empty before giving the next spoonful. I don't know whether it's coincidence or not, but last week, she did open her mouth wide when I asked her but she turned away so I couldn't see inside. When I stood up to have a better look, sure enough there was still food. Cheeky gal!

i) "Keep your Toys" (tho not always, especially if I'm around)

j) "Take your Book"

5) She seems to like things in their proper place. If she sees the main door open, she'll go and close it. And when she takes or puts back a book from the tv cabinet, she'll always close the cabinet door as well. Ha hahh...... my mum is happy that she's so unlike me when I was a kid !!!! I like to watch her keep her books. If there are 5 books, she'll open the cabinet door, put in ONE book, then close the door before proceeding to repeat the open/close routine FOUR more times. Hmmm.... I wonder whether this happens to all kids too. Cannot close the door only after the last book??

6) When she drinks her milk, she'll usually dig her own belly button. Before she sleeps at night, she must dig and dig mine. As a result, I think we both have the cleanest belly button around!


Merryn said...

She is so smart already and she is only 15 mths old. Bravo Elyssa. Becareful though when you walking in the bathroom, you might slip and fall. After all, the bathroom is the most dangerous place at home, next to the kitchen..

Mommy to Chumsy said... she's very organized eh? haahahahaa...good :D hope she sleeps better at night now :D

Leona said...

haha.. I like the part where she digs her own belly button! Cute habit!

Fussy mum said...

I'm glad that Elyssa's fever has subsided. My gal was down with fever too, suspected HFM :(

Oh, she likes to dig her belly button. How cute!

2ma said...

dig, dig belly button?? *haha*

MeRy said...

Happy Belated 15 months old to Elyssa.

Mummy Gwen said...

Elyssa has grown up so much already. Such a sweet smile. :)

When Gwen started walking, she never liked to hold our hands too and she walked aimlessly everywhere. As she grows older, she is easier to manage. Don't worry, Elyssa will listen to instructions patient Mummy. :P

Julie said...

Each kids have their own habit while drinking milk or before going to sleep. Jonathan's habit is pulling my sleeve and sniffing it. Dunno where is pick this up from.

2xMum said...

Happy 15 months old!!

Hope she's recovered by now.

Adrine said...

Merryn - thanks for the warning.

Barbara- definately more organised than the mummy!

Leona/ Jasmine -i think so to :) I don't know where she picked that from, but i'm not complaining.

Ivy - Hope Sharene will fully recover soon.

Mery - thanks. time flies... sometimes i'm so amazed how big she is now.

MummyGwen - i hope she'll listen to instructions next time. Now, i'm not sure whether she doesn't understand or just choose not to follow.

Julie - he heee..that's a funny habit!

Doreen - thanks, she has fully recovered now.

Chinneeq said...

great to hear Elyssa recovers. don worry about her weight, soon she will fluff up again :)

slavemom said...

Digging belly buttons? Isn't that uncomfortable? hehehe