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Monday, March 2, 2009


Just before I slept one night, my thoughts started wondering…

I thought about Elyssa running around in a playground with her plump little legs.
I thought about Elyssa holding hands with cousin Justin waiting to go to kindy.
I thought about Elyssa in a primary school uniform waiting to board her school bus.
I thought about Elyssa in college.
I thought about Elyssa on her wedding day…in a beautiful white gown.

Then I realized I was tearing up.
I opened my eyes and saw her sleeping soundly right next to me.

My little 10 month-old baby girl.

As I looked at her face, at her little hands, and at her little feet, I felt so grateful. So grateful that I still have the years ahead to enjoy her growing up. I whispered softly to her… “Mummy loves you so much, princess. Don’t grow up to too fast okay? ” And I just watched her sleep, until I too, fell asleep.


LittleLamb said...

hehehe i also have thoughts about philip..but more like the negative will he become a gangster? spoil brat, difficult teenage..being homo....*siaks siaks* i donno why i think this way..eheh

Mommy to Chumsy said...

your post made me teared up too *sobs*

Merryn said...

in her wedding gown? aiyo... so fast forward lah u... but all mums go thru that phase.. me too.. i alwayz dread wat kind of DIL i'll get! (as i m not a very good one to my hubs mom... i believe i will get my 'balasan' in the form of MY DIL next time!)

Unknown said...

so sweet. ya, i think abt that many times too. and sometimes i wanna just hold these times and not want her to grow up, but then i realised how selfish i am. she deserve to see the world, to feel pain and joy, to experience love and be heartbroken, to be someone successful in her own way and to be loved and married...

cherish these times. they past faster than a blink of the eye. i'm done with 2. at least you have another chance.

MayChing said...

that's lovely!!! i feel the same way too.

2xMum said...

I also have such thoughts too... hoping that our kids don't grow up so fast!

But then, kids grow fast!
Well, just enjoy & treasure every moment spent with the little one as much as you can.

Chinneeq said...

yeah...just a blink of eyes and my twins are already 8months!