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Monday, March 16, 2009

Holiday - Clearwater Sanctuary, Batu Gajah

Just came back from another 3D, 2N holiday at Clearwater Sanctuary Resort, Batu Gajah. This trip was arranged with hubby's family to coincide with my late FIL's anniversary prayers in Kampar. Chose Clearwater since hubby and I really liked it during our holiday there last October.

Quite a big group of us - 9 adults, 4 kids + baby Elyssa. The fun started on Friday night cos hubby's eldest bro and family stayed over at our place. Elyssa saw her cousins from S'pore, Claire and Faye cheh cheh for the first time. Hubby's 2nd bro and family also came to visit that night, so cousins Chloe and Charmaine cheh cheh were there as well. Being the youngest, Elyssa naturally got lots of attention from the cheh chehs and auncles/aunties. And as usual, this little one loved it!

Short summary of what we did -
Day 1
Left KL around 10.30am. Stopped by in Ipoh for lunch and to visit hubby's grandma. Reached Clearwater around 2pm. Rested a bit. Went for dinner in Pasir Pinji then Tesco.
Day 2
After breakfast, the kids had a gala time in the playroom then the swimming pool. In the afternoon, we went to Kampar for FIL's prayers. Back to resort again to rest then dinner in Ipoh plus another quick visit to hubby's grandma.
Day 3
More fun time in the playroom, swimming then back to KL.

Elyssa had her first swim on Day 2!!! ha hahh.... I think I was actually more excited than her. Here's a pic of her in her 2 pc swimsuit. Sexy eh? Just look at the protruding tummy!

Front View

Back View

She wasn't too pleased to be in the swimming pool at the beginning. Probably cos the water was colder compared to her bathtub water. She relaxed after a while though. And when I carried her while "gliding" through the water as if she was swimming, she really chuckled. Pity I forgot to bring my camera to the pool that day. Come to think of it, I didn't take a single photo when I was there.

Elyssa did have very enjoyable times playing with her cousins. But overall, she was actually quite cranky that few days. She cried/screamed during the journey from KL to Ipoh. On the first night, she woke up screaming until everyone in chalet left and right of ours could hear her and my MIL came knocking. She screamed during almost all the journeys out to Ipoh/Kampar. She screamed when I tried to make her sleep. She screamed when she wanted to play but was sleepy etc etc. The crankiness alone was enough to drive me half nuts sometimes. Couple that with all the of comments of what I wasn't doing rite throughout the trip, I was pretty stressed out.

I really hope that this crankiness is just a phase that Elyssa is going through. She's also having separation anxiety, as if I will totally abandon her when I walk away. Like bedtime just now - both hubby and I were on the bed with her. When I walked away to brush my teeth, she started crying. In the bathroom, I could hear her screaming as if someone has just whacked her. When I came out a few minutes later (with not very clean teeth due to the hurried brushing!) and sat down on the bed with her, she was back to her normal self. Started babbling away happily as if nothing was wrong. A while later, I went to my cupboard 2 steps away to get my shorts. When she saw me leaving the bed, she immediately started crying again and wanted to lunge out from the bed. I grabbed my shorts, went back to bed, and again she started smiling and babbling away. When it was time to switch off the lights, hubby quickly volunteered to walk to the light switch to avoid any further cries!

She has been drooling a lot lately, so I hope all this behaviour can be attributed to teething...


Mommy to Chumsy said...

aww...she's one sexy baby :D could it be that she's lack of sleep so she's cranky?

I also dislike hearing comments about me not doing things rite especially when the kid is fussing. double the stress. I always feel like snapping back at them and ask them to do it then :)

cre8tone said...

So nice, go kai kai..

Chinneeq said...

sexy sexy lil Elyssa!

Unknown said...

oh dear... the separation anxiety is almost any mother's nightmare... i been thru that with victoria and it was even worse when she didn't want to be separated from her popo... so we were like the evil parents who took her away from her beloved grandma. but how come she's ok with all the attn and the new ppl? She allow others to carry her?

LittleLamb said...

she is so sxey with the swinsuit. dont worry about the drooling..its part n parcel of growing up..

Fussy mum said...

Elyssa looked so sexy in her 2-piece :D

It could be the different environment that caused the crankiness in Elyssa. Don't worry, it will just be a passing phase.

Daddy said...

Hello. Glad u enjoy urself at Clearwater. It's a nice,quiet family gateaway. And she looks so cute with her swimsuit. Haha. Hei. Are you from Kampar too? Cause I am and my wife from Ipoh.

Kristie said...

she looks ultra sexy! :)

jayden is also going through separation anxiety now.. do read my blog.

u take care :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

What a cute and sexy swim suit there!

2xMum said...

aiyo... she's so cute in her two piece swim suit!!