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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Melbourne Holiday - Aug 2018 (Day 3)

Good morning Day 3.

It's a special day today -- it's Papa's birthday.  Happy 76th birthday, Papa !

After breakfast, we set off to Melbourne city. Chose this day to go to the city since parking is free on Sunday  :-) 

First stop - Shopping at DFO Essenden. We only had 1.5 hours of shopping time so hubs and I went on a shopping frenzy. haha.  We ended up with Levis jeans for both of us (50% off storewide), Smiggle backpack for both girls (AUD 25 per backpack, bundled with some stationery and cosmetic jewelry) and some t-shirts for him.  Not too bad!  Hmm... kinda regretted not getting a necklace I was eyeing.  While we were shopping in our frenzied state, my parents walked around looking bored.  Ooops, really not their cup of tea. Sorry to drag you shopping on your birthday morning, Papa  ;-) 

Our next stop for the day was lunch at Lygon Street with our M'sian friends who migrated to Melbourne recently. 

Family selfie while waiting for lunch
Yay, all 6 of us in.  Happy I brought along my selfie stick  :-) 

Another one for the album
Turned out BOTH my parents knew BOTH her parents from school. Isn't the world incredibly small?  A little scary too! hehe. 

After lunch, we walked around looking for a place to have coffee and cake.

Passed by this lovely park after lunch 

Walking hand in hand 
The 4 girls had a good time hanging out with each other. 

Waiting to cross the road 

Ended up at Koko Black
Coffee for adults, Hot choc for the girls. 

Happy birthday Papa!
Uhmm..... with the smallest birthday cake ever. Haha. This was the only cake they had.

4 little girls 

My 2 monkeys 

Walked around after our coffee break 

Took the free Tram 


One final photo before we say goodbye 

 Back to our trusty car
Non Sunday parking fees could have been easily AUD 40 for half a day! 

City Skyline from the car 

 ---End of Day 3---

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