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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Melbourne Holiday- Aug 2018 (Day 6, Part 1)

Good Morning Day 6 ! 

Woke up all excited.  Well, I was actually a little groggy since hubs snored the whole night and I couldn't sleep much. But well, ready or not, Mount Buller here we come!

Elyssa and Erin in their Snow Suits

From Merrijig, it was about a 10 minute drive to Mt Buller entrance and then another 20 minute drive up the mountains.  It was mandatory to carry up snow chains for the car wheels and we were originally considering taking the bus instead as we were worried about driving up the mountains in snowy conditions. But the bus fare was like AUD 65 each for such a short journey!!

Decided to drive up in the end.  Cost : AUD 25 for snow chain rental and AUD 44 (Online rate. Payment at entrance was AUD 55) for park entrance and parking.

First signs of snow.
OMG... we were all super excited and started exclaiming in delight! 

And a little bit more..

 And more...

Check this out!
Snow covered cars 

White Wonderland
Oh, so beautiful ! Even the trees look white here. 
All so happy tho we haven't actually gotten out of the car yet.  Haha. 

Found out parking and then put on our snow boots.  Suuuuper excited!!

First time touching snow 
Photo taken at carpark 

Took the Free Bus Shuttle and headed for the ski village 
So beautiful! 

Hubs, Elyssa and Erin
& plenty of snow!!! 

 --to be continued  ( I need to sort of a gazilion photos first.  ;-)  )

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