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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Melbourne Holiday - Aug 2018 (Day 4)

Good Morning Day 4 !
Plan for the day was to explore the small towns of Trentham and Daylesford.

Started the day with breakfast (or more like brunch by the time we got there) at Redbeard Historic Bakery in Trentham.

From the net:
RedBeard is famous for its organic, sourdough bread, baked in a huge wood-fired,19th century masonry oven. Enjoy delicious, contemporary Australian cafĂ© food with excellent coffee, local wines, beers and ciders. Take home a loaf fresh out of the oven. 
Few bakeries in Australia create handmade, organic, sourdough bread. Even fewer use a 140 year old Scotch oven. 

Our Late Breakfast 

Just the food 

 Freshly baked bread for sale 

 Outside the bakery 

We stopped by Passing Clouds Winery after that.  More of a lunch place so we decided to skip.

Next stop : Daylesford Cidery and Tavern.

Ordered a taster palette of 7 ciders 

That's how you carry the cups to the table!  How innovative 

Highlight for the girls was this super friendly dog who kept wanting to play ball! 

 Running around the cidery gardens 

For the following stop, we set our Waze to a honey place as we wanted to get some honey.  Turned out it was an unmanned stall with stocks and samples of honey! hehe.  We bought 2 pots of Manuka honey from the stall.  Just dropped the correct cash amount into the box and went on our way.

Honey Stall

Stopped by Lake Daylesford too.

It was pretty cold by the lake! 

Quack, Quack 

Hmmmm.... sign at one the restaurants.  A bit snobbish aint' it?? 

We headed to Daylesford town center after that.  Parked at Woolsworth parking lot to get some groceries.

Dark Chocolates 
Papa asked Mama to get some dark chocolates for him.  Mama went to this shelf and went "Which one?????"  Hahahha.  70%, 78%?, 85%, 90% ?

More chocolates at Daylesford Chocolate Mill

Handcrafted Chocolates 

Huge cups of Hot Chocolates 

Erin spotted this wombat and asked for a photo.  And did this pose. Haha 

Spotted a rainbow! 

Headed to Target after that for some retail therapy.  This time everyone bought something! Pretty good deals. Nice looking long sleeve t-shirts at AUD 3 only!  Elyssa and her Ah Mah now have matching Ts.  :-)

Dinner that night
Lasagna, Butter chicken, soup and salad. 

Study time after dinner 

---End of Day 4 --- 

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