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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bangkok Holiday - Day 6

Hello Day 6!

Just like Day 5, it was a full working day for me. Kissed the 3 Chongs goodbye and off I went on my way.  Took me about 30 minutes from apartment to the Bangkok office. For lunch that day, my Thai colleagues ordered food from a nearby restaurant and we ate at the office pantry.

With my 2 Thai Colleagues
OMG.... one is 54, the other 58 years old. Both with kids in their twenties!! I wanna look this good when I'm in my fifties!  The 54 yo showed me a recent photo of her son who just completed his MBA. Wah... such a heartthrob!

After lunch I walked around at the stalls nearby. Bought more earrings. Hehe (such as steal at THB 100 per pair. Since the stalls cater to the local working crowd, at least I know I'm not paying touristy prices)

Bought some fruits for the local office
Smaller packet is mine. Got mangoes and guava for myself - sooo good especially the guava. Can't remember the price now but it was cheaper, bigger packet and sweeter than the ones I bought earlier at Chatucak Market.  

All was good until hubby sent me a photo of the girls....

Girls @ Unicorn Cafe 
I've read about the cafe earlier. I wanna go too!!! 

After work that day, we headed to Train Night Market Ratchada. A bit troublesome to go since we had to take BTS then interchange with MRT. But it was definitely an interesting place.  No regrets at all.

Plenty of food stalls 

Dinner Part 1
Noodles in coconut shaped bowls  :-) 

Close up of Noodles
Note to self : when taking photos of food, try not to include other people's butt in the photo  ;-p 

Tried these too 
Nah, not worth the price. I think it was THB 250 for this container. 

Cutie Marshmallows for the girls

Walked around and took some photos of food:

Grilled Fish
Regret not trying! 

Assorted Seafood ready to be grilled 

Fried Insects
No regrets for not trying. hehe

It was nice to just walk around

With a giant Christmas tree 

Barber Shop
Surprised to see a barber shop amongst all the stalls!! Booming business too

Shopping makes us hungry so we went for Round 2 of dinner.

Seafood @ Holy Shrimp 
Not a new concept at all but something I've never tried actually. Really reasonable - I think it was THB 400 for the food. Girls were so fascinated with the concept of gloves and no plates. hehe. 

We managed to get a nice table on the first floor

Cleared everything! Burp! 

More walking after that - 

Charming place indeed! Definitely worth a visit.

-- End of Day 6 --

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