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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bangkok Holiday - Day 8 (last day)

So fast and it was Day 8 already.  We had one whole week!  How come the days flew by with a blink of an eye? I brought my story book, crochet stuff and sports shoes but all remained untouched!

Didn't post photos of our home for 7 nights earlier, so here they are.  Only remembered to snap some quick photos on the last night before going for a swim, so they are a tad messy ;-)

Living Room
One-bedroom apartment with pull out sofa in the living room. So comfortably sleeps 4. 


The girls had plenty of bathtub fun here. 

Kitchen Area 

Went to Saladaeng area for our last day. Not a good choice as there was nothing much there. Should have just gone to MBK! Took a cab to the airport around 2pm.

These 2 girls...when both are in a good mood (which is not always the case!) they can play with each other so well. Even in a place like a boring airport terminal, they keep each other company and can have such a good time together.
Jie Jie and Mei Mei. Just oblivious to their surroundings 

Last holiday we-fie in the plane
Forgot to check our tickets upon check in. We got 3 seats together and 1 seat pretty far away. Why not altogether?  Hmmpphh.. so just like our flight to BKK, I had to manage both girls while hubby slept throughout his.

Studying the inflight brochure carefully 
Yes, I still struggle with the questions they ask after seeing this brochure! 

Goodbye Bangkok!
We had a blast and will be back soon.

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