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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bangkok Holiday - Day 7

Good Morning Day 7

After 2 days of working, it's now back to the holiday part. Yay!  We were a little unsure what to do for Day 7 - visit temples? palace? floating market?  Seemed to be the right "touristy" thing to do. But the thought of going out in the heat was a turn off. Plus do we even like the touristy stuff?  Not really for us.  Girls probably indifferent.  So decided to just go take it easy and go with the flow. hehe.

Told hubby I really want to visit the Unicorn Cafe they went the previous day. Ok set! Let that be the first agenda for the day.

Walked there but heck, it was closed!  A tad disappointed.... then realised we have 30 minutes till their opening time.  No problem then.  Spotted a small shop nearby for breakfast.

No proper menu so we just pointed at the food :-)
Pretty good! 

Had these 2 snacks too
Bought these 2 banana leaf wrapped kuih from a roadside peddler. Surprisingly one was sweet while the other savoury. Should have bought more varieties to try. 

Walked over to Unicorn Cafe after eating.  We were the first customers!
So we snapped, snapped and snapped away. Sweetie pinky sweet photos ahead...

Elyssa with a giant unicorn 


Baby blue too 

See my unicorn top? Matches the place! 
Bought it at Chatucak on Day 2. I think for THB 200. 

Haha... poor hubs while the girls went crazy over cutie unicorns! 

Waffles and Drink
Nothing great 

Had some unicorn toast too
I like the way Erin hugged her jie jie so tightly here

Pastel colours from top to bottom

Purple Unicorn!
Found a rack of unicorn themed clothes for customers to try on 

We joined in the fun. Haha

Family wefie 

Walked around after that.

Erin with a giant Olaf statue 

Walk somemore, then popped into another cafe..

And another one...

Mr Jones Orphanage Cafe 

Teddy Bears on Train Tracks around the Cafe. So cute! 

More teddies! 

Went back to the apartment. Last night of the holiday - last chance to swim!

Erin having a gala time in the pool
She didn't want to leave! 

For dinner that night, we decided to head back to Asiatique.
Had dinner at one of the restaurants fronting the pier this time.

Dinner @ Brasserie 9 

We ordered two sets of 3-course meal and 1 fish n chips
It was beautifully presented and good! 

Did some last minute shopping. Until we had to practically run to catch the last free boat back. Hehe. 

Good night Day 7! Turned out our "go with the flow" itinerary meant cafes, more cafes, swimming, shopping and food.  Wuahahaha! 

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