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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bangkok Holiday - Day 4

Day 4

Main itinerary for the day was Hello Kitty Cafe @ Siam Square.  Took the train and reached pretty close to opening time.

Warning...... cloyingly sweet photos ahead!

With Grandpa and Grandma Kitty 

Pink, Pink Everywhere Pink! 

3 Floors of Pink! 

Our order
Rainbow cakes and milk tea. At absurd prices of course. (THB 695 for all). But oh so preeeetyyyy! 

Dig in!

We-fie with Elyssa 

More sweet pinkie photos -- 

With Hello Kitty Tuk-Tuk 

Check out the Stained Glass Ceiling 

With Erin 

Cafe Entrance 

Merchandise Floor 

Went shopping at MBK after that.
Finally got my selfie stick! Yay! Took a while to find a slim bluetooth selfie stick.

First family selfie using the selfie stick  :-) 

Went to MBK foodcourt for late lunch

Shopped a bit at MBK.  Hubby got himself a custom made suit and pants.

Then, it was back to our regular evening activity....

They never get tired of going to the pool
And as usual, the only way to convince Erin to get out of the pool was the promise of bathtub fun in the apartment. 

Complimentary cucumber water spray
First time I see this. Something so simple yet so refreshing. 

Tapao-ed dinner from nearby foodcourt and ate back at the apartment 

-- End of Day 4 -- 

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