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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Albany Holiday - Day 8 (last day)

Good morning Day 8!

Woke up and found Papa at his favourite spot  :-)

Sigh, so fast and it's our last day of the holiday already. Had our breakfast, cleaned up and then it was time to leave.  Bye Bye holiday home.

Cheeky Girls 

Went to the Farmers Market

Freshly baked bread 
It was quite a small market only 

Remember the previous night we had a last-minute shopping spree?  Well, this time we had a really last-last minute shopping spree.  Bought more chocs! 

Then looked for place to eat a late lunch. Was trying to find Oranje Tractor based on blog reviews. Took some wrong turns and when we finally found the place, it looked deserted. Haiz.   Drove around a bit and saw the sign below.

Random stop @ Phillips Brook

Turned out to be a nice place for lunch 

Beautiful surroundings 

Wefie with hubby  :-) 

Love having fresh flowers at the table 

Cheese and Bread
This was sooooooooo good! 

Other Stuff we had 

Time to get back into the car for the long drive back to Perth airport
This mpv served us so well during the holiday  

Wefie in the car 

@ Perth Airport
I really like this photo too! It was cold so Ah Mah and Erin wrapped themselves up with extra blankets for the walk from Carpark to Airport Terminal. 

Bye Bye Australia!  Super love this holiday with my parents.  We'll be back!

----- And I'm finally done with the holiday posts. Wheee! ----


Ai Sakura said...

I miss holidaying in Aust!!! Looks like a great family trip.. :)

Adrine said...

It was a great trip :-) Darn the weak currency tho!!