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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bangkok Holiday- Day 2 & 3

Combining 2 days into one - cos Day 2 (Chatucak Market) and Day 3 (Platinum Mall) were all about shopping, shopping and more shopping!

Day 2
Had buns in the apartment then took a cab straight to Chatucak Market.  No shopping photos but took some photos of food.

Mango Dessert
The sauce it's like rojak sauce but wayyy sweeter. A bit cloying at the end. 

Stopped for a morning snack-

Grilled pork neck, fish cake, fried chicken and some pork salad 

Hot, hot day so we cold drinks are a must! 

Didn't stay too long since it was so pretty hot and girls got restless. Decided to take the train instead of cab back to the apartment.

Saw this chicken essence vending machine at the station. Haha... hubby said must take photo since it's the first time we've seen chicken essence being sold like this.

Train station walkway back to the apartment
Soon became a very familiar walkway indeed! Since we took the train almost every day for our week-long holiday. 

More photos @ Chong Nonsi BTS Station
Nice spot for taking photos actually. Almost everyday, we saw locals taking graduation photos, dance routine photos, wedding photos etc..

Highlight of their day - Swimming 
Their reward for following us shopping the whole day :-) 

Had dinner at a restaurant near the apartment.

Half eaten dinner  :-p

-- End of Day 2 --

Day 3 
Itinerary for the day - Shopping at Platinum Mall

Ended up spending almost 7 hours there!! hehe. Enjoyed it more than Chatucak since the place is air conditioned.

Took a tuk-tuk back to the apartment
The girls loved it

Shoe Haul for the day
5 pairs just for me. I was super thrilled since it's not easy to get shoes my size  :-) 

Ended the day with another swim

-End of Day 3-

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